Very cool breeze coming in off the water yesterday. It prevented me from working outside. Instead I sat at the kitchen table pounding out tomorrow’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Available world wide. Ten in the morning my time.

We may be sane. The world is not. Ergo some interesting topics to be discussed. Like the money Rush Limbaugh makes insulting people, a Spanish town of 900 that seeks permission to grow marijuana for sale, an 81 year old lottery winner, an Afghan general who is the kingpin in the Afghan/Iran heroin trade, panty hose for men soon to hit the market known as mantyhose, and Dennis Kucinich’s loss.

Plus, rich Suffolk County declares a financial crisis, China calling for an expanded use of condoms, Chinese going over the border to Hong Kong for child birth, Chinese women leading a toilet revolution known as Occupy Men’s Toilets, Willie Sutton’s career, first colored TV newscast, Edward R. Murrow and Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and more.

How can you stay away? Join me for the fun and education of it. Like the gentleman who sells suits on TV, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I had a 4 o’clock visit with my heart doctor. He was running behind. I did not get out till after 6. Everything in order. He does not want to see me for 3 months.

Afterwards, I thought I’d stop at Don’s Place to see who was around. Glad I did. Chatted at length with Don, Herschel and Tom. The main topic of course was bocce. All 3 men are bocce team mates. Don told us we have a tough game tonight. Against the # 2 team from last season. We were the # 3 team. The difference between our teams is vast, however. We shall see what happens.

For whatever reason, I craved a prime rib last night. I have not had one in ages. Perhaps years.

Only three places to get good prime rib in Key West. The Commodore, Outback and Tavern ‘n Town.

The Commodore was located on the other end of the island from me. This is the season plus spring breaker time. I did not want to buck the traffic and hordes.

I went to Outback. Good luck! Jam packed! People outside with their little boxes waiting for them to beep. A 1/2 hour wait for a seat at the bar. Not for me.

Back to my car. I was off to Tavern ‘n Town. It is located in the Marriott Beachside Hotel. The corner of US 1 and the Boulevard. Right on my way home.

Packed also, but not as bad as Outback. Primarily tourists last night.

I sat at the bar. A beautiful marble bar. Said my hellos to Robert the bartender. Had the TV turned so I could watch basketball. And ordered a prime rib. Medium rare.

First time I have consumed a prime rib at Tavern ‘n Town. Absolutely delicious! Try it! It is everything you would expect of a fine piece of meat.

This morning Key West has returned to perfect weather. Warm. Will get warmer. Probably 80. Not a cloud in the sky. A perfect blue in every direction. A slight breeze. The water moving with the breeze.

Enjoy your day!

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