I have been bragging about the weather for the longest time. The best ever in my experience for this time of the year.

Yesterday proved me a liar.

I was sitting on the deck chatting with Donna and Terri. It was 85 degrees. All of a sudden this huge chill came upon us and the wind started blowing big time. Like 30 miles per hour. Within minutes the temperature dropped 15 points to 70 degrees. Then the rain came. A monsoon.

We obviously were driven inside.

It was cold all night. The temperature got down to 63 degrees. The high today will be 68 degrees. Tomorrow every thing returns to normal.

The weather change is called a front. This one a cold front. Makes living in the keys exciting.

Last night was Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. A happy time. Robert and Ally exciting. They talk like adults now and join in the conversation.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Cupboard bare again.

Too cold to other wise go out last night. Stayed in. The bed covers kept me warm and the TV entertained.

I have a 10 o’clock doctor’s appointment this morning. To get my latest thyroid results. Should be better.  I feel better.

Lest I forget, Terri sings toninght. At Tennessee Williams Theatre. In Randy Roberts’ Entertainment 3 show.

If you are in the lower keys, go. You will love Terri! Guaranteed!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I've mentioned it before, I hope you're not taking a generic thyroid medicine.. Even though we disagree on just about everything, I'd like you to stay healthy.. Have you had your B12 levels checked ? Patrick

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