Syracuse won! What a season!

Syracuse beat Louisville decisively. Their season was 30-1. Only one other team in the country has a similar record. Kentucky. Hopefully the two teams will get to play in the championship game of the Final Four. It is a long way to that point, however.

I was out late last night. I went every where.

David telephoned and said lets go out.

I met David at Don’s Place. We stayed a while. Then to La Te Da for dinner at the outside bar. Next a visit to the Chart Room. David had never been to the Chart Room.

We left the Chart Room and decided to continue the evening. It was the Wine Galley to enjoy Larry Smith. Then back to Don’s Place for a night cap.

A big evening! I feel it this morning.

I like David. Enjoyed his company.

I got into the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke situation a bit yesterday. Some misread what I wrote. Perhaps I was not clear.

My approval/disapproval was not with condoms being paid for. Though I do support the position that women be provided them free of charge. My point was that Limbaugh treated Fluke in a very inappropriate fashion. He shot the messenger with vile and uncivil bullets.

When a powerful man in American society treats a female college student as he did, something is definitely amiss in our world.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I thought the arguments were about free female contraception devices, not necessarily condoms.. But if women get free contraception devices then men should get equal treatment.. After all, during this push toward socialism why should we as individuals have to take any responsibility for our actions.. Patrick

  2. Just don't have is obviously evil (unless you are Newt who can have what 3 wives?) Republicans are such hypocrites! Their supporters so clueless. Thus, America continues the decline. Granted, Democrats will spend us to oblivion! So where is the Real thrid WAY????? Where?

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