The weather yesterday was fantastic! Once again! Key West has never experienced a winter such as this one.

Yesterday it was 85 degrees. Abnormal for this time of the year. It is still winter!

I decided to take advantage of the sun. A mistake.

I put the top down on the convertible and drove around. No hat. No hair. Ran some errands. Then to Lisa’s. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I reached Lisa’s. Too much sun on my bald head.

I fell asleep on the couch. Drove home about 4 and went to bed immediately. Fell asleep quickly again. A deep sleep.

The telephone rang. It was Jenna. I was confused. She never calls me early in the morning. I asked her what time it was. 7:30. Why are you calling so early? Early what? It was 7:30 at night. Last night.

The moral of the story is don’t put the top down on the car unless you are wearing a hat.

Loved yesterday’s show! One problem however. Audio OK. Visual/picture, not.

Guy normally takes care of things. He is on a 300 mile sailboat race. Left it to Jenna and me to get things working. I know nothing of the operation. Jenna knew more, but not enough as it turned out. Sorry for the no picture.

I still received many comments following the show. Every one asked why no picture. However, all said it was like listening to the radio.

The hit topic was Rush Limbaugh’s abuse of a Georgetown University female student. Sandra Fluke. Sandra testified before a Congressional committee easrlier in the week in support of birth control. She believed it should be available free to women under Obama health care.

Limbaugh referred her as a “slut” and “prostitute.” His theory basically was that if  Sandra wanted her contraception pills paid for by another, she wanted to have her sex paid for. Any woman who wanted her sex paid for was a prostitute.


What bothered me the most was that few commentators and politicians were calling Limbaugh to task for his insulting vulgarity. So Louis gave it a shot! My comments were well received.

Turns out I reacted too soon to Limbaugh’s comments. By last night, the media and certain politicians were blasting Limbaugh for his statements.

I was and am also disturbed that the female portion of the population is being put upon. In many respects. Respect for women’s rights is taking a beating. Primarily from certain male members of society.

I warned that the female gender  was in danger of some day being burned at the stake as Joan of Arc and the innocents during the Salem witch hunts. Dramatic, I concede. But makes the point. Female rights are being attacked as never before.

This is another I don’t know day. One thing is certain. I will not be driving with the top down with out a hat. Today, I probably will not put the top down at all.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. What ??!! The sun must have affected you..
    Why should every taxpayer be forced to pay for contraception for women ? Pretty soon we'll have to pay for her cigarettes too..
    I think I should have my condoms or vasectomy paid for by our taxpayers, that is, I would if I was a fascist or socialist.. Since there is such a possibility of getting injured all athletes should have their protective gear paid for also..
    What is this country coming to ?

  2. Sorry, but I agree the sun has affected your legal mind. Negative rights?

    If I have to pay for this woman's birth control, then I am slave. The only rights a human is entitled to is negative ones. (Like John Locke said.) No one can prevent me from speaking; they don't have to listen, but they can shut me up.

    Positive rights — a "right" to healthcare, condoms, unionize — enslave some one to some extent. DO the doctors have to work 50% for free? Do the condom makers have to give away their product? Do workers have be enslaved to a Big Union and a Big Company at the same time?

    Sorry, but imho, you are just flat wrong.

  3. Are these first two comments really the best, clearest,ideals of the extreme right? I use to be a Republican, but have been so embarrassed by the rantings of the "evangelical Christains", that I've become an independent! The churches in the United States enjoy the fruits (ie. no taxation, freedom of speech) of our democratic constitution/country. "With great power, comes great responsibility." It is the responsibility of the church in this case to treat us all equally, as protected under the constitution. Employers should not be able to pick and choose what medications are prescribed by a licensed physician to their employees. In one example, take the Christain health systems; they enjoy the financial benefits of the U. S. govenmental medicaid/medicare reimbursements but are trying to make their own rules on what can be prescribed! Those same Christain health care systems could not survive if they had to pay U.S. taxes and did not accept payments from U.S. governmental programs for health care training and patient care. Sorry Patrick, condoms and cigarettes do not require a prescription. Lou, I am more worried about skin cancer, on your scalp and ears, then I am about your legal mind! Keep defending the rights of women in this country and wear a hat. Hippocrates:)

  4. Bottom line-

    The right to a healthy living and health care should be a universal right. I believe Jesus would wish us to take the money we expend killing others in violation of the First Commandment and heal all. There should be no issue nor negotiation, every person, child or baby should have a right to health care. If we had any sort of leaders that could actually manage our taxes prudently and not just build bombs, nukes, ships, missiles, planes, etc. to kill everyone, this would not be an issue.

    But as Rush showed us last week, there are a lot of "FAKE" Christians on the right (and left) who really only want power. Yet Jesus told us the Meek shall inherit the earth… not the Newts of the world. BTW..I hate murder/abortion almost as much as I hate murder/military killing of innocents. I suggest you re-read your TEN commandments paying special attention to the first one. it is equivocal.

    Many so-called Christians, upon their demise, will be shocked to know that Jesus does not recognize them. HE made it abundantly clear that FEW shall inherit the Kingdom, now we see why.

  5. I don't know who Jesus does or does not recognize, I've not heard back from anyone..
    Concerning the first commandment, It was first written differently than we think of it today.. Who wrote them anyway ?

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