I have to hustle this morning. I have two doctor appointments back to back starting at 8:30.

Yesterday was Lori in the morning. Haircut time.

I discovered the Coffee House I had gone to for years was alive and kicking. It has reopened on Southard, just a few steps off Duval. It is known as the Coffee House. Small and quaint. Has an outside patio area. Lynn running the place.

I had a coffee and read the  morning paperrs. Sitting in one of the green wing backs from the old place.

One problem. Parking.

I finalized tomorrow’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Join me. Interesting topics. Like New York borrowing from its own pension fund to make this year’s contribution to the same fund, airport scanners reported safe, a lobster who found mercy, 2 adverse lesbian incidents, Virginia Governor at it again–this time repealing a gun control law, Monsanto trying to screw a whole town with a less than adequate settlement offer, a Babe Ruth story.

And more. An Ohio mom who was injecting her two children with heroin before sending them to school, three judges who will not hear the Egyptian trial of 16 Americans, the Quaran burning incident in Afghanistan, Sharia law wins in Pennsylvania appellate court, and more.

It was Zelda time last night. Drinks and something to eat at the bar at the Beachside Marriott. Then a drink at Don’s Place. Don joined us.

Zelda hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Owned a small ladies’ shop. Retailed women’s clothes. Lived in Key West way back when. Decided to return.

An interesting woman.

Bocce tonight! The start of a new season. May we do as well as we have the past two seasons.

We are confident!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I haven't paid attention to the Virginia Governor,but, anytime a gun control law is repealed, its a good thing..

  2. Yep, let's repeal all background checks to so every criminal and felon can get armed to the teeth before their next home invasion! Great civilized idea. While we are at it, we need to make sure minors can pack as well, we see how well that went in Ohio recently. Heck, we need a return of the OK Corral days to truly feel free again. You go Josey Wales!

  3. Good luck with bocce tonight, Lou! Keep us updated on the excitement! Sounds like a good show tomorrow, I've got a few in the office who will be tuned into you!

  4. Let me get this straight, second comment…. so if we repeal background checks, criminals can get guns.

    Because criminals can't get guns now because it's against the law??? Criminals would never break the law and get guns illegally, because that would be wrong.

    Do I have that straight? Now if we could just make laws against breaking and entering, robbery, murder. Then we would all be safe.

  5. Louis,

    Before you begin your radio program today, we noticed that you always pronounce Sharia, as Sha-hair-ee-a.

    That is incorrect, it's pronounced Sha-ree-a.

    Just thought you should know we notice.

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