There are two ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Key West. You and your lady dress up a bit, have dinner alone at one of Key West’s better restaurants, and sip champagne while looking into each other’s eyes. Or you go to the Curry Mansion and whoop it up!

Last night was Curry Mansion for me. A traditional event. The 29th anniversary of a fundraiser for Wesley House. A party!

Howard Livingston was one of the entertainers. When not singing, he was enjoying the evening with his wife Cindy.

I saw something that warmed my heart. On the sidewalk looking over the wall into the party was a young couple. The father was holding their child. About 6 months old. The mother standing next to them with one hand on the carriage.

I thought at first they were tourists. Then I decided not. They were locals. Probably could not afford the $90 tab per couple. Nevertheless enjoying the event. Whether by accident or intentionally.

They were happy. Moving with the music. The father beaming as he pressed his baby’s head next to his own. A beautiful sight.

Jenna is joining me this evening. I think we will do some Bobby Nesbitt first at Aqua. No better way to start an evening. Then dinner somewhere.

My girls are on their way back. Donna and Terri. I should refer to them as they describe our relationship. My lesbian wives. They are due here on the 20th. Probably have already started the drive from New York. They take their time and visit friends along the way.

Follies closed to fantastic reviews in New york City. Terri’s were raving. It is now rest time. The show opens again in two months in Los Angeles for a two month run.

The girls will be visiting for six weeks.

Terri has to keep in shape between shows. She has an eight minute tap dance routine in the show. She is always tap dancing on my deck and on the hard floors inside. This trip another step has been added to her routine. Terri is going to teach tap dancing.  At Body Zone South on White Street. Friday and Saturday mornings.

I am considering learning. I wanted to do it when Bruce Moore was teaching. But never got around to it.

Another form of exercise. I observe my men friends who did it with Bruce. Even to today, their feet move to music. A tap step movement. Who knows, I may be another Fred Astaire in the making!

Sassy has been the primo bartender at La Te Da forever. Like probably 20 years. A good guy. I marvel that he never ages. He looks the same today as when I first met him 20 years ago.

Sassy is full of surprises. Several years ago, he got his Captain/Masters license. No easy task. Took much time and effort and testing. He can and does drive the big boats in Key West and up and down the Atlantic seaboard.

Sassy surprises me again. He is going to run in the Boston Marathon next month. Something like 24 or 26 miles. First time. He has been training. I am impressed.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Sweet vignette of the young couple… don't forget to add cost of baby sitter to what they would have had to spend… another reason to participate vicariously!

  2. lou, did not see you last night. we were there with jerry and peggy! great time and good cause. our time is getting short here and we hope to catch you again….. gary.

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