Happy Valentine’s Day!

Warm weather has returned. Syracuse won last night.

What more could man ask for?

The cold front departed last night. Temperature in the low 70’s at the moment. No breeze. Water moving slowly. Scattered white clouds. Today’s high projected at 77. High 70’s the rest of the week.

Syracuse beat Louisville 52-51. Too close for comfort. Syracuse played poorly.

Both teams played a zone defense. Louisville did a better job at defending than Syracuse. Syracuse only made 2 out of 30 attempted 3 pointers. It was not a Syracuse night. They were even missing the easy close shots.

Not Syracuse’s night. But they won! That is the important thing.

I had a scheduled business meeting at 10 yesterday morning. Lasted till 12:30.

I had to rush home afterwards to change. My gym appointment with Courtney was at 2. Yesterday’s gym activities did not bother me.

Afterwards, I stopped into Don’s Place for a cold glass of water. Chatted briefly with Rob and Todd.

I watched the game at John Lukas’ new Big Ten Sports Page Bar. A winner! The food…..outstanding! Unusual for bar food.

My Skaneatles friend Dan joined me. We suffered through the game together. There were four other Syracuse fans.

Dan and I agreed to meet at Don’s Place after the game. I was driving. Dan had his bicycle.

A small crowd at Don’ Place. Boomer bartending. Friendly Angus drinking. Todd and Skip there also.

I decided to leave after one drink. Dan was staying. I had bought the first round. Asked Boomer for the bill. I had no money! My money/credit card pocket was empty. I had forgotten my money at home.

Everyone laughed. Dan was kind enough to pay the bill. He also got stuck for dinner. He had bought.

This is an I don’t know day. I have no plans. No special desires. Days like this are a bit of an adventure. The interesting thing is that they generally turn out to be fun.

Enjoy your day!

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