Good morning!

What a beautiful morning! Another spectacular Key West day in the making.

We have been lucky this winter. Yes, Key West does experience winters. Not bad, but bad enough. Temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s. This year not. A couple of isolated days. That’s all.

I had an early morning drop off yesterday morning. Anna at the airport. She was returning to Milan.

Then my Friday morning Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. What an interesting show! As I continue to advise, it is not me. What makes the show what it is are the world’s inhabitants who do sad, stupid or odd ball things.

Post show comment clearly indicated that my discussion of the Catholic Church contraception debate was the top received issue of the day. I shared a few personal thoughts. The contraception battle is more than 50 years old. The Catholic Church should get off the issue. The Catholic Church is run by old men who do not understand some of the basics of life. The Catholic Church is and has been in a down hill spiral the last 30 years. The national organization of bishops does not speak for me.

I was in no way being offensive to the Catholic Church. I am a Catholic. Attended Catholic grammar school, high school and college. I am a fallen away Catholic, however. Attend Church rarely. Yet communicate with my God frequently. I  have never forgotten how to pray.

I spent the rest of the day sitting outside under the beach umbrella working on one of my books. My book writing had received scant attention in recent weeks because of my house guest.

I had intended to go out last night. Then I looked in the refrigerator. The left overs looked better than anything I could purchase in a restaurant. I stayed in. Enjoyed reheated left over goodies.

Spent the balance of the evening in bed watching TV.

Syracuse basketball again today. Connecticut at Syracuse. Should be good.

Pre season Connecticut was thought by many to be the best team in the Big East. For a number of reasons, it has not worked out that way. Connecticut is not even ranked. Nevertheless a threat to Syracuse.

Game time is 1 pm. I shall be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar with some other Syracuse fans.

Enjoy the day and weekend!

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  1. I agree with your views of the "Church" and contraception. Men do not 'bear' the ultimate responsibility for pregnancies. A woman should always have the option of protecting herself from an unwanted pregnacny. There is separation of 'Church and State' and there should be separation of 'Church and Health Care' it is that simple. Our colonial ancestors fought for that principle, that the Church should not be involved in our governmental affairs. Take it to the extreme and see how countries like Iran, where the "Church" and a bunch of men run the government, are abusing their women and citizens. The Church and the right wing politicians need to get out of my bedroom! I'm pleased that our president has the dignity to stand up for women's rights in the United States and hopefully the world. Lou, thank you for helping to protect the health of young women in this country 🙂 Hippocrates

  2. I don't believe there are too many 'right wing politicians' that want to be in your bedroom.. Most are 'pro-life' but no reasonable person, left or right, translates that to anti-contraception.. Shouldn't contraception be up to the individual rather than any politician, especially a left wing radical politician like we now have trying to run every aspect of our lives? Patrick

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