Whitney Houston. What can be said. A troubled person. May she find the peace in the hereafter which eluded her here.

It is amazing! Just yesterday I commented at length about the weather. Specifically, how great it has been. I should have waited one more day. A cold front came in yesterday afternoon. Last night the temperature was in the 50’s. The high today will be 63. The cold front is with us through Tuesday.

Long pants time!

My day yesterday started with the Syracuse/Connecticut game. Watched it at the Sports Page Bar.

What a crowd! About 25 Syracuse fans. Orange tee shirts and all. I sat with Don, Lisa and Marty.

The score does not accurately portray the game. Syracuse won 85-67. It was not a blowout. It was close to about six minutes to go. Then Syracuse came alive. The last two minutes of the game Syracuse was a power no one could beat.

Fab Melo made a new contribution. He sank three long shots. Jump shuts. All 2 pointers. From long range, however. A few inches back and they would have been 3 pointers. Melo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday night it is Louisville. Louisville is not as good this year as previous years. Syracuse has not beaten Louisville in years. It is the Rick Pitino thing. Hopefully, Syracuse will get by Louisville this time.

I get irritated at the sports media. Syracuse is #2 in the country. Syracuse has only lost one game. Rarely does a commentator write or talk about Syracuse. It is as if Syracuse does not exist. It has always been this way. I can understand comment re Kentucky. However, I am sick of hearing and reading a lot about teams like Missouri and Ohio State and little about Syracuse.

Stopped by Lisa’s after the game. Robert and Ally doing homework. Both quiet and involved in what they were doing. No complaining. Ally admonished me not to talk to her as she was doing homework. Tomorrow’s Einsteins in the making.

Then Walgreen’s and Publix.

At some point the government has to deal with the pharmaceutical houses. Not Obama, however. He found it necessary to make a deal with them to get his health care program through.

The cost of drugs is outrageous. Even with insurance. There have to be many who go without because they cannot afford. The solution is simple. A one party payor system. Medicare for all with drugs provided. It will come, though not in my life time.

I stayed in last night. Wanted to watch Kentucky play. They are ranked # 1. At some point Syracuse and Kentucky may meet. I wanted to check out the competition. Kentucky is one hell of a team! To be respected. Offensively Kentucky seems better than Syracuse. Defensively, Syracuse has the edge. What a game it will be!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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