Yesterday started with an early morning doctor visit. Just to have blood drawn.

I was hungry. Required to fast for the test. Decided to try Blossom’s for breakfast.

I have not been to Blossom’s in at least two years. The food part then was being operated by the former owner of Paradise Cafe. The best Cuban toast and sandwiches in Key West! I stopped going because there was no air flow inside. No vents, no windows open. My clothes smelled like a smoke stack when I would leave.

There are apparently new owners. I did not see my friend of yesteryear. There was a small vent. Two windows wide open. The problem no longer existed.

The quality of the food the same. The best! I shared a Cuban toast and a cheese tomato toast with Anna. Good! I will be returning soon.

Blossom’s is located on White Street, just off Eaton.

It was gym time again with Courtney in the afternoon. I survived. I am getting better. Three weeks ago when I began I was pumping 20 pounds. Yesterday 80.

Stopped into Don’s Place for a glass of water afterwards. Rob and Russ at the bar. Boomer bartending.

Russ is an avid St. John fan. We talked about the Syracuse/St. John game.

Then home for a long nap. I was tired. I continue to be tired. That is why I took the blood test in the morning.

Dinner last night was at Pepe’s. Anna loved it. Home cooked food. I had a half of a barbecued chicken with mashed potatoes buried in gravy. The plate overflowing.

A big lunch today.

My neighbors are coming for lunch. Andrew, Jazz and Kai. Jazz is from Switzerland. Anna lives in northern Italy, just a stone’s throw from Zurich where Jazz worked.

Anna started cooking last night. The meal and conversation are guaranteed to be excellent. I am looking forward to Andrew and family’s visit.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Pepe's! One of my favorites and always enjoy our time there.

    Anxious to hear details about lunch and what Anna has created this time!

  2. We used to enjoy Pepe's, especially the steak smothered in pork chops.. 6 or 7 years ago a fella started choking and nothing was being done so I gave him the Heimlich and he spit a chunk of meat 1/2 way across the patio.. The waiter and manager then came over and royally chewed my back side for doing so.. The police and ambulance didn't show for another 15 minutes.. We finished our meal and haven't been in there since.. Patrick

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