Friday again!

Which means the Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 AM my time. Available on the Internet world wide.

Join me!

Interesting show. Great topics. Even a guest this morning. Anna Martinengo from Milan, Italy is joining me. A knowledgeable person with some informative insight to world events.

In addition to my time with Anna, I shall discuss such topics as no smoking in parks, why our dishwasher dishes no longer sparkle, a New York City system that screws taxpayers big time, an Oklahoma senator that wanted to ban the use of fetuses in food, George Soros’ prediction of riots in the U.S. this year, an Afghan honor killing in Canada, and more.

Lunched yesterday at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. Crowded. Fifteen minute wait for a table. I opted to sit at the bar. Good food and a great view. Those that are in Key West should experience it.

Visited Lisa. Busy, busy. Big Social Suite activity this week. Out of towners in. Much filming and interviews. My girl is doing well!

Manicure time again. Took Anna with me. We had our nails done  at the same time. Interestingly, Anna told me that manicures are not the big deal in Italy as they are here in the United States. Italy’s are quick and no massage. She was impressed and pleased with her American experience.

Fish pills are not all the same. I did not know. I take them daily because of my heart. Dr. McIvor gave me an education on them when we visited this week. The best from his perspective are Blue something. Only sold at the drug store in Publix. Kept behind the counter. Must be requested.

I know why they are kept securely behind the counter. The cost! Expensive! $31 for a 60 pill supply. I must take 4 a day. At that rate I will have to purchase again in two weeks for another $31.

I felt under the weather as the day progressed. Stayed in last night. As a result, I missed Christine Cordone’s gallery showing. I love Christine. Her watercolors, also. I just was not able to make it. Congratulations Christine on what I know had to be an over the top exhibit!

Remember, show time 10 this morning!

Enjoy your day!

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