Gorgeous this morning.

My day has started with a downer. My cell phone is not working. I forgot to pay the bill. I feel some what like Romney when he says he had periods when he was out of work. My Romney like experience is having my phone service turned off this morning. I wonder if Romney ever had his cell phone turned off for non payment.

Started yesterday with a walk.

Lunch at home. Anna prepared it. Too good to be true! Can she cook!

Saw my heart doctor in the afternoon. I shall live.

Babysat later. Picked up the grandkids at school again. We walked home holding hands. After they had a snack, we played scrabble for a while. They are pretty astute at it. Then we watched TV. Robert and Ally in another room. Me in the living room. Our viewing tastes are different.

Stopped in at Aqua to hear Bobby Nesbitt sing. Fantastic, as usual! A great voice and presence. Anna was with me. Her first time hearing Bobby. She was taken with him.

Mark Watson was at the bar. He joined Bobby for a couple of songs. Mark was with his mother.She is visiting from North Carolina. He introduced me. What a lovely woman! Beautiful. Charming.

Dinner was at the Yacht Club. I had invited Jenna to join us. We had a terrific dinner and some great conversation.

Enjoy your day!

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