Good morning!

Still gray outside. A typical Key West day anticipated, however. Eighty degrees.

My yesterday started with a visit to the gym. I boxed alone. Hit the big bag. Hit the dummy man.


Then to Don’s Place for water. Todd saw me coming in and had the glass poured before I sat down. I quietly read the Key West Citizen.

Don’s Place has a breakfast club. They are lined up at 7 in the morning waiting for the doors to open. Some were still there at 11 when I was sipping my water. Since I now am at Don’s early morning on occasion, some of them appear to believe I am a breakfast club member also. The customers knowingly smile at me. We are becoming friends.

It was still early. Decided it was time for coffee. Went over to my new coffee place, the Plantation Coffee House on Caroline. Browsed through the New York Times.

Lunch and dinner were magnificent yesterday. Anna cooked!

Lamb and a cold pasta salad for lunch. Beef and a baked potato for dinner.

The meals seem to all be cooked the same way. A teaspoon of oil, several different herbs and a touch of butter. Not rich. The oil and butter in very limited amounts. I am convinced it is the herbs that make the meals so delicious. Not one or two, but five or six. Always different. However, sage is big. A constant.

Another interesting thing is the quality of the meat. Generally the cheapest cuts. It is the preparation which softens the meat.

There is one more point of interest. The cooking does not seem to take long. Anna prepares the meals first thing in the morning. Takes about an hour. Then heats them prior to service later in the day.

I babysat for a few hours. Lisa had an outside appointment. Picked Robert and Ally up at school at 3:30. They both ran up to me me crying out Poppa. Followed by a hug and kiss from each. I loved it! Sat with them to just before six when Corey came home.

Romney won Florida. It was a fait accompli after this past week. I am wondering what the impact of this down and dirty primary campaigning will be on voters. At some point, I suspect they may become sick of it and ultimately reject Romney. Not in the primaries. In the general election.

Enjoy your day!

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