Got a head start on my friday Internet show yesterday morning. Did I come up with a terrific history story to compare/analogize with our Congress of today! You’ll love it! Guaranteed!

Walked later in the morning.

A light lunch at home.

Then the gym for a work out with Courtney Aman. Am I making progress? I say no. Courtney says yes. He tells me I am developing muscles. I tell him it is my stomach I am concerned with, not my muscles. So it goes.

Stopped in Don’s place after the gym for a glass of water. Don’s Place is next door to the gym. Todd bartending. I joined Don and Rob at the end of the bar. Stayed long enough for two glasses of water.

Decided to try the Plantation Coffee House again. Love the parking! Enjoyed the coffee. Read the newspapers.

Dinner was at the Big Ten Sports Bar. I wanted to give my friend John Lukas who owns the place some business.

Typical bar fare. I had potato skins and a burger. Good!

Nate was bartending in the back. He came out to say hello.

I had a selfish reason going to John’s new bar. I wanted to see how the acoustics would be when watching a game. I knew the Pitt/West Virginia game would be on.

There were about 40 people in the place. John set me in front of the TV that would be featuring the game. He put the game on the bar’s sound system.

It all worked out. Going to be a good place to view sports.

I have to hustle this morning. I see Lori at 10 for a haircut.

Lisa just telephoned. I forgot. I am supposed to pick the grandkids up at school today and watch them till dinner time. It had completely slipped my mind. Lisa is worried I will forget again and fail to show up.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. hello Lou I really enjoy your blog I,m from Boston and when I read your insights I get the feeling i,m one of the locals. Keep up the good work! My wife and myself are flying in this week for a short stay and already i have my list( with the help from you) of places and restaraunts to check out. thanks for the help Sincerly, Tim Coburn

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