Another year. Another Craft Show. Each one spectacular!

Meandered the Craft Show yesterday. Interesting items being offered. Many odd. All quality. As usual, the crowd overwhelming. Added 15 degrees to the heat.

I did not see Harry Truman this year. I did one year. I look for him every year since.

The Craft Show is located on the perimeter of and partly into Truman Annex. Several years ago, I observed a man walk out of one of the Truman Annex sidewalks into the Craft Show. It was Harry Truman! Looked just like him!

The former President was wearing a blazer, white pants, white shoes, white shirt and red tie. Topped with a flat straw hat. Carrying a cane.

He nodded a pleasant hello as he walked by. I was moved.

I thought it was time for Anna to try Cuban toast. I was uncertain if she would like it. The bread is made with pig fat. Might be considered fattening or unhealthy by some. Could be. If it’s bad, it has to be good!

We went to the Cuban Queen. Just a shack off a City parking lot. No inside for customers. Three benches outside. If lucky, you sit. Otherwise, stand.

Anna sat. I stood.

Anna liked the toast! Loved it! Told me it was healthy. That I did not understand.

Sunday dinner at Lisa’s. Lisa made chicken and salad. Anna prepared and brought with her a risotto. A winning meal!

Lisa also made a key lime pie. From scratch. Even the crust. The crust, so good! A graham cracker crust. A successful finish to an already terrific meal.

There is a new lady in town. Zelda Feinberg. She has been religious reader of this blog for some time.

Zelda has been in Key West roughly a month. She lived here back in the 1970’s. This will be here last stop home wise.

I finally met Zelda at a Syracuse basketball game I was watching at the Sports Page Bar. She joined us for the game. I liked her very much.

Turns out she is a likable person to all who meet her. This is the feed back I have been getting from those who have run into her.

Welcome Zelda! Enjoy Key West!

John Lukas finally made it. His Big Ten Sports Bar opened friday. A wonderful pace! Visit it. Lower Caroline where the old PT’s used to be. You do not have to go to watch a game. His food menu is terrific.

The weather changed over night. I woke this morning to a strong cold wind coming in from the north. We have white caps. Sky is overcast. It could clear up by one. If not, it will be this way at least until tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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