I was all alone by the telephone yesterday, so to speak. Watched the Syracuse/West Virginia game at the Sports Page Bar. I was the only customer!

It almost was a sad day for Syracuse. The ‘Cuse played poorly. Only beat West Virginia by 2 points. 63-61. West Virginia out played Syracuse the whole game. Out rebounded Syracuse 41-20. Syracuse only made 4 of 20 three point attempts.

Syracuse might have lost for another reason. West Virginia got a bad referee call with 6 seconds to go. Refs should have called goal tending. Instead said Syracuse blocked a shot. The bad call might have changed the outcome of the game had it been correctly made.

Fab Melo did not play. Syracuse’s center. Still benched for academic reasons.

Next week St. John’s.

Visited Lisa and the grandkids after the game. They were helping their Dad outside. Cleaning the fence, raking the leaves. Ally looked cute as she brushed the leaves with a broom onto a shovel.

My stomach was off all day. I did not want to eat. Anna said I must. She recommended macaroni and butter. Not a dish I would have considered. But, I am easily infuenced and let her have her way.

The dish was delicious and I felt better afterwards! The foreign touch was effective.

I occasionally make macaroni and butter for myself. It is a quick easy dish to prepare. Always tasty. A comforting dish. Anna prepared it differently than I. In addition to the butter, she added some sage and a small piece of a chicken broth cube. The taste! A delicate improvement to my way of making it.

Key West has many annual events. One is the Key West Craft Show. It is this weekend. I intend going later this morning.

A terrific event!

It is held on Whitehead and Caroline Streets. On the edge of and into Truman Annex. Several blocks of white tents with artists offering their wares. Paintings, wood craft, jewelry and the like.

You will recall my artist friend Jack Baron. He and his partner Bob Burton had a tent every year. It was about 13 years ago that the following occurred.

Up to that time, I had not purchased a Jack Baron painting. Bob Burton tells me that today I have the largest Jack Baron collection in the world. However at the particular Craft Show recalled, I had not one yet.

For months I had been admiring at Jack’s gallery, a painting he did of a Black Madonna and Child. Magnificent! I was hemming and hawing about buying it.

When the Chart Show came about, I visited Jack and Bob’s tent. There was the Black Madonna and Child prominently hanging. I chastised Jack. What are you doing selling the painting? He correctly responded that I had not bought it for months and he had to make a living.

I bought the painting on the spot for $4,000. It proudly hangs in my Key West living room to this day.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Syracuse was sloppy!!! But they continued to be agressive up until the end. There rating is #3 because of their performance.. Hope everything else is going well for you!!

  2. Love craft shows too. Different kind of art. Never had Cuban toast. Pig fat??!! Doesn't sound even remotely redeeming. I ascribe to local CSA for organic foods and totally into healthy eating. Even Courtney adapted to my vegan choices at least for the weekend.

  3. I have a jack Baron painting that I need to sell. I bought it in Key West about 1987. Are you interested or can you tell me how much it's worth? Email me at wvrose@aol.com and I'll send you a photo of it.

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