This new Google thing sucks! Has me all confused!

Enjoyed doing yesterday’s Internet show. Hope you enjoyed watching.

Viewers email and telephone me after the show. Some run into me and tell me. The topic that most interested them. Yesterday it was Apple and why Apple does most of its manufacturing in China. An eye opener! For me and others.

After the show, I hustled over to Plantation Coffee on Caroline. My new coffee watering hole. The thing that excites me the most about the place is it has parking. Parking is a problem in Key West.

Relaxed. Sat reading the Key West and Miami papers. Sipped coffee.

The Big Ten Sports Bar is finally open. Congratulations John Lukas. It was a long hardous journey. The good guys won out, however! You made it! You climbed the highest mountain, swam the deepest river.

I stopped in at cocktail time. The place was packed. Boisterous. Old home week atmosphere.

I look forward to many happy times there with John and his crew.

Next was the Chart Room. Sweet Emily bartending. Sheila and David drinking. All good people. I enjoyed.

The Chart Room was noisy for a while. There is an organized scavenger hunt nightly in Key West. They invaded the Chart Room. Looking for a pink flamingo. Emily finally relented and pulled the bird out from behind some bottles of vodka. The scavengers went crazy! Adults playing children’s games. That is what Key West is about.

Stopped at Outback for dinner. Needed a good old fashioned steak after all the fancy eating I have been doing.

Anna was with me the whole day, except for the Internet show. She shopped while I was on the air. Bought some clothes. Tells me everything is considerably cheaper here in the States than in Italy. Surprised me. Twenty five years ago when I spent a month in Italy, I got 2,100 lire for every American dollar. A terrific exchange. Everything was dirt cheap in Italy. The reverse is true today.

This afternoon at one Syracuse basketball. Syracuse plays West Virgina. I will be at the Sports page Bar watching.

Enjoy your day!

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