Another great day weather wise yesterday!

I walked Smathers beach in the morning. There was a cool breeze which made the sun bearable.

Lunch at Hogfish.  Enjoyed hogfish. What else!

Spent the early part of the afternoon writing outside on the deck. The balance of the afternoon sunning myself. My tan is waning. Not playing golf for several weeks or otherwise being in the sun, I am beginning to look like a tourist who just got off the plane.

This house guest thing is pretty good! Anna cooked dinner last night.

I am enjoying Italian dishes I have never had before.

Last night was bistecca alla valdostana. The English translation valdostana steak.

Some background information. Mount Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe. It separates Italy and France. A valley on the Italian side is known as Aosta. A dish native to that area is valdostana steak. That is what Anna prepared last night.

A thin slice of veal, lying on an even thinner slice of ham, topped with fontina cheese. Sautéed in olive oil in a frying pan.

To die for!

I have been Italian all my life. I have nevr eaten dishes as Anna is making. She is from the Milan which is in the north of Italy. It is a different type cooking from that which my ancestors knew. I am of Naples stock.

I stayed home last night to watch the State of the Union. Always entertaining. Rarely informative. Last night was no different.

I subscribe to much I what Obama would like to do. But it will not be. With a divided government, I would be surprised if even one of his major items is achieved in this election year. The government will remain dysfunctional.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Your descriptions of what you've been enjoying for dinners lately are so enticing!

    Agree with you on the President's address last night. Many good ideas that will go nowhere just because the other side doesn't work for the best interests of the people. Sad.

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