Walked in the morning yesterday. A long walk. Started at Dante’s, walked the waterfront, ended up at the Hyatt, made the return trip through town and down Caroline.

Knocked me on my ass! I was tired. A combination of the heat and being out of shape, I assume.

Stopped at the Coffee Plantation on Caroline. Perhaps my new coffee house. I am irritated with the new owners at the Coffee House which is now Club Mako. David suggested I try Coffee Plantation.

Very nice. A wrap around porch with comfortable chairs. The inside well done. Comfortable seating. Lovely decor.

Coffee was good. A small was at least a third more in volume. The price much cheaper than Club Mako.

The big inducement/feature is that the new place has parking. A wow!

I will be trying the Coffee Plantation for a while.

Anna was with me. A natural athlete. A woman who takes care of her body. She walks 6 miles a day and swims. Eats healthy. Drinks little. She did not tire on the walk.

My house guest is an interesting lady. I discover new things about her each day. As we were walking along the docks and viewing the many sized boats, she tells me that for many years in Italy she had a Captains/Masters license. She was approved to operate vessels carrying up to 110 passengers.

Drove by John Lukas’ new place, the Big Ten Pub. His new sports bar is still under renovation. Codes is giving him a hard time. John was walking in front of his bar with the cell phone pinned to his ear. We saw each other. I made a motion with my hands like when? He looked at me with pain in his eyes. Threw his arms up as if to say…..who the hell knows!

Poor John.

My neighbor Andrew told me to try Cole’s Peace Artisan Bakery on Eaton. Told me to buy the dark bread. He is enamoured with it. Slap a little butter on it and eat away, he advised.

I bought the bread yesterday. Impressive looking. More expensive than a dark bread at Publix by about $2 a loaf. I am having it for breakfast. It is a German bread. Don’t think I like it. Heavy.

German foods are in my life the past 24 hours. Anna made German potato salad for lunch. Another delicious dish! Besides potatoes, light mayonnaise, yogurt, peas, capers and carrots. Healthy and tasty!

I continued to be tired from the walk. I spent the afternoon in bed sleeping.

I was not in the mood for a big evening. Anna and I drove to Tavern ‘n Town at the Marriott Beachside. Ate at the bar. Listened to the music. Watched the Missouri/Oklahoma State basketball game. Robert bartending.

Anna had a bowl of mussels. I a bit of salmon and a caprese salad.

Today I have to work all day. Tomorrow’s Internet show not yet complete. What I have completed and ready to go will include a very informative piece about why Apple builds its products in China. You will be astounded!

I will also touch on infant vaccine deaths, legislative immunity, Greek tax dodgers, Soros’ thoughts on the world economy and the United States, and New Jersey Governor Cristy’s pending veto vote on same sex marriage.

Join me. Interesting. Revealing. 10 am my time. World wide on the Internet. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi, Lou – just saw that JDL posted that his Big Ten Pub will be opening tomorrow, Friday Jan 27th at 4pm, finally. (By the way, have been following your blog for awhile now. Always a great read!)

  2. I feel for John and his issues to try to open his place.

    We had many of our own problems about 10 years ago when we opened our retaurant.

    Sorry to say but his "fun" is just beginning.

    We wish him all the best and hope to visit his place soon.

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