Key West weather this season has been absolutely terrific! We could not ask for better. Yesterday’s high was 78. The evening was in the low 70’s. Tee shirt and shorts time.

My house guest from Italy cooked lunch for me. Anna made chicken scallopini. Absolutely outstanding! I sat outside in the shade of the tiki hut enjoying it.

Did the gym with Courtney training me. Yesterday was very hard. Increased weights and increased repetitions. It was an effort. I was impressed I could do it.

After the gym, I visited Tammy for a manicure. She and her husband keep busting their butts. The business is thriving. I wish them continued success!

Went over to the Coffee House for coffee and to read the newspapers. It is not the Coffee House anymore. It is now Club Mako. Sounds exotic. It is not.

The Coffee House has changed hands. Renovations must have taken place overnight. An entirely new decor. No where as good as the old one which was Key West all the way. The new decor is bland.

Gone also are the comfortable chairs. Replaced primarily by 4′ x 6′ hardwood tables with straight back chairs. I suspect the intent is to attract computer and I Pad people. Whether they will, I do not now. No one had a computer or I Pad yesterday.

The comfort factor is gone. So are the newspapers. Only the New York Times.

The locals discount has taken a beating also. Prices are relatively the same. As the Coffee House, my discount was $1.25. Under the new ownership, it is $ .22.

I dislike change. My whole life. I hate adjusting. If there is to be change, perhaps I will seek out a new coffee house. The island is loaded with them.

Syracuse beat Cincinnati 60-53 last night. I thought we were going to lose many times during the game. Syracuse was generally behind.

Cincinnati is a good team. They play with 4 guards. Each can shoot 3’s. They were last night. Made 4 out of 5 to start the game.

Syracuse misses center Fab Melo. Opposing teams are getting through the middle to score and also garnering rebounds. Melo has academic problems. Supposedly we will know more this week.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. Kristen bartending.

I rushed home after the game to catch the Republican debate. My impression is simple. Two wrong people pursuing the nomination. Romney and Gingrich. Their statements are fraught with inconsistencies and misrepresentations. The Republican Party should be ashamed it could not offer better to the American public.

Today is a I don’t know day. Not sure what I will be doing. Whatever, it will be good.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I came across your blog while doing my weekly google search 'Life in Key West'. You are most certainly living the dream… my dream. 🙂

  2. Love the blog! Keep it up forever Lou! When my final kids have graduated (last 2 juniors now) and my last 2 kids are employed. Oldest is a video game environment artist and worked on Assassin's Creed and now a top secret project. So 1 down and making good $$. I will see you there in KW, my friend, guaranteed! 2 years now and counting and I will officially retire twice (first as a Cop and soon as a nondescript civil servant but who assists the big Boss)! Buy a house or condo in KW and join you my unmet buddy! I have been to KW twice, dived and loved it over 20 years ago. I shall be back. I will buy you a drink and we shall talk. Perhaps I talk you into going to Statia (Google it) as it one ups KW!

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