Still dark outside. I am up early. My Internet show this morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time. Can be seen and heard world wide.

Join me. A well prepared show ready to go. Can’t wait to get into Romney and Gingrich a bit.

Yesterday mucho busy.

I started the day with an 8 am dentist visit. Still at it. Another 3-4 months. Hopefully.

Then a haircut with Lori. Nice girl. She has been cutting my hair for well over 10 years. I have aged. She has not.

Lunch was a high point! At Salute’s with neighbors Andrew, Jazz and Kai.

Kai the center of attention. Eighteen months old. He has a well developed personality. Knows what he wants and screams till he gets it.

Mother Jazz. Comes to us from Switzerland. A beauty. Intelligent. I enjoy conversing with her.

And then there is my good friend Andrew. A father anew at 50. God bless him!

I spent a portion of the afternoon fine tuning the material for today’s Internet show.

I had two things I wanted to do last night. Have a drink and dinner out. Watch the Republican Presidential debate at 8.

Squeezed them both in.

Ate at Hogfish. Looked for Pati. No Pati. Sad.

The soups are the best at Hogfish. They have a daily lobster bisque. To die for. Last night’s special was bean and sausage. I had the bean and sausage. Outstanding!

Good debate! It firmed up my opinion that the Republicans are not offering their best this year.

Gingrich looked terrific! However, I dislike his moral fiber. He is not the type of person I want leading my country.

Romney is supposed to be smart. The longer this primary goes on, the less I believe it. My message to him: Get your tax returns out!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. And Slick Willy Clinton is a person of good moral character ?? After all, hasn't Newt found God and asked for forgiveness ?? Patrick

  2. No, actually Patrick, Newt asked for an "Open Marriage" while pocketing speaker's fees at traditional family values events. If there is a Jesus, and I do believe there is, HE is disgusted with…Newt. If you are not, I suggest real prayer.

    As for Clinton? Yeah, he is a Horn Dog and a past President, your point is?

  3. The point is that Clinton didn't just start his Horn Dogging when he became President. We didn't hear anything about the Arkansas Horn Dogger because 80% of US newspapers are owned by Liberals (i.e., Democrats) and most of the newspaper writers vote as Democrats. (These statistics are from a 2005 UCLA study.)

    If the Arkansas Horn Dogger had been vetted as thoroughly as Gingrich, he would make the Newt look like a Saint.

  4. Well, Newt[ as well as his daughters] deny the open marriage request, so, I don't know who or what to believe.. Newt then married the girlfriend, found God, and asked for forgiveness.. People make mistakes and I thought our God was all forgiving.. So I guess my point is that Newt has admitted being human and making mistakes, but, I don't remember any such thing from Billy..
    Regardless, all I want to do is get out of this New York weather and get to Ramrod and have a beer at the Tiki bar.. I'll meet you there, buy you a beer and we can then talk about anything, except politics..

  5. If only I could get down to the Keys Patrick and if I could, yep no politics, just a beer or two and discuss women perhaps. Better topic than Newt or Bill any day. I fully retire in about 3 years and then the Keys await, I retired once as a cop but needed more dough, kid's college and all. Nothing I like better than a palm tree, hammock and cold one though.

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