Many things come to mind when people think of Key West. One is the weather. Beautiful warm basking sun.

Yesterday was one of those days. The temperature was was pushing 80°. Unusual for this time of the year. Normally in January we are lucky if the temperature hits 70°. There have been years when January evenings have fallen into the high 40s. For real!

Not this year. We are thankful for the fantastic weather.

It was time for a pedicure. I visited Tammy at Lee Nails. The place was empty Just me and one other customer. The wonderful Kate Miano!

There is no finer person in Key West than Kate Miano. A lovely lady. Intelligent. Hard working. A successful businesswoman. Kate owns and operates the Gardens Hotel.

We chatted. We ended up getting pedicures seated next to each other.

I had a terrific time. I hope Kate did also.

Then it was to Walgreen’s. Needed to pick up my new thyroid prescription. Took it for the first time last night. It will take approximately 3 weeks for me to feel any change. I may need more when I am retested. Whatever. I am thrilled that the cause of my exhaustion has been ascertained. It only took four months.

Visited with Lisa for about an hour. Love that girl! We talked about many things.

I spent the balance of the afternoon and evening yesterday working on friday’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I have a little fine tuning to do today and my preparation will be complete.

Join me, if you can. 10 AM my time. Worldwide.

Terrific topics! Like the three year old Philadelphia child being denied a kidney transplant, how Fidel Castro worked his way through college, the Keystone Oil Pipeline, an update on the Wisconsin governor recall, Iran believes Barbie dolls a decadent influence, and  pythons a no-no in Florida.

Plus, an update on the man who stole a police car, a woman drunk driving for 18 miles on the wrong side of a major highway, a baby born on  a New Jersey commuter train outside New York City, Poland condom sales down for the first time ever, an Obama proposal to deal with Alzheimer’s treatment, China funding US solar plants in California and New Jersey, and more.

Good stuff! You really should listen in.

My morning is full. I have a dental appointment, a haircut appointment and lunch at Salute’s with neighbors.

Enjoy your day!

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