The weather definitely changed yesterday! After a week, the cold front left. Suddenly. That is the way it is.

I was invigorated by the warmth. Wanted to do something different. Decided to ride my bicycle. I have not ridden the bicycle for months.

I rode around Key Haven. The streets are flat. I cannot handle hills. My bike is not a 10 speed. It is the old fashioed fat tire type. Up and down the streets of Key Haven is not bad. It is especially easy when the wind is at your back. However when you are riding into the wind, it is another story!

The rest of the morning was spent writing. Sitting outside, of course. I missed being out there.

I have been exhausted for several months. Exhausted is the correct description. Tests came up with nothing. Doctors concluded it was the many pills I am taking. They would tend to make one tired.

I noticed in the past month that I am rushing. Mentally, I am always behind and have to hurry. There does not seem to be enough time to get everything done.

None the case. I am doing no more today than I did one year ago.

I have had a thyroid problem for well over 30 years. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Pills keep the thyroid in control. However when the thyroid overcomes the pills, it is trouble time. Two problems. The first is weight gain. I have dramatically gained weight over the last 2-3 months. Cannot seem to lose. The other problem is exhaustion. No one can deny that Louis has been exhausted!

Ergo, I suspected my thyroid was off. I spoke to my internist about it on Monday. She did not agree with me. Never the less, I told her I still wanted to take the to thyroid test.

I received a telephone call from my doctor’s office yesterday morning. My thyroid is off! I am thrilled! I will get new pills of an increased dosage today. In 2-3 weeks, the exhaustion will be gone and I should be able to knock off a few pounds also.

I did a gym visit with Courtney. He worked my upper torso. It is my stomach I am concerned with! No one listens to me.

Then it was to Lisa’s and a visit with Lisa and the grandkids. Robert and Ally were returning from school. I was there as they rushed into the house. Hugs and kisses.

Robert and Ally are famished when they get home from school. Lisa has to prepare something for the both of them. They devour the food. Especially Ally. Fortunately, they are very active. Weight is not a problem for them. Not yet, at least. Hopefully, never.

My beard is growing. It looks dirty. Beginning to itch. I was lazy and did not want to shave last night. So no in town for me. Instead, I went over to Hogfish. Me and the fishermen. I fit right in!!

A pleasant experience awaited me last night when I went to bed. No, not a woman. I am not so lucky. It was a movie. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing. A hit 1955 film starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones. The same William Holden that I would spend an occasional week with 15 years later at La Costa.

I am definitely going to skip golf again today. No sense in abusing myself. I suspect my thyroid is the reason I have become so exhausted well playing. I will be ready again in a couple of weeks. To play, yes. To score, no. The thyroid has nothing to with  game performance.

Enjoy your day!

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