The best laid plans of mice and men…..

As yesterday morning progressed, I started to feel poorly. I canceled lunch with the grandkids at I Hop and also my workout at the gym with Courtney. Instead I went to bed and sleep. I woke at four and felt like a million bucks!

It was the Sports Page Bar at six. Syracuse/Pittsburgh. Sandra joined me. Don and Chris showed up. JJ, also. First time I have seen my Chart Room bartender friend at the Sports Page Bar.

During the game, Carla also appeared. Carla was new to me. Never met her before. A very charming personality! She is a friend of Don and Chris. She works as a bartender at Sloppy Joe’s.

A terrible game. Syracuse could have lost. Syracuse won 71-63.

I continue to anticipate Syracuse’s first defeat. It is inevitable. No team goes undefeated. Syracuse is now 20-0.

Syracuse started with a 13 point run. The game 13-0. I could help but think we were going to destroy Pittsburgh. It was not to be. At one point in the second half, Pitt made it a four-point game. It was happening, I feared!

Fortunately, it did not. Syracuse turned it around and won.

Syracuse generally has two runs a game. One of the first half and one in the second. Not last night. The only true run they had were those first 13 points.

I was worried.

Saturday night Notre Dame! Notre Dame started the season like a dynamo. And then they faltered and have continued to falter. I hope Syracuse plays a better game against Notre Dame than it did aginst Pittsburgh.

John Lucas was having dinner at the Sports Page Bar. He tells me he hopes that his new sports bar will be open Friday night. John has run into a lot of problems in the remodeling. A nice guy, I wish him well.

The weather this morning is truly delightful! It has been cold morning, noon and night in Key West for about a week. Right now it is 70°. There is no chill in the air. The high is projected at 76.

To evidence that my heart is in the right place,  my gym session with Courtney has been rescheduled to this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!

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