A cold Sunday yesterday.

Around 64 degrees. I know. I should not complain. My dear friend Bill Hatfield from Oneida, NY wrote and told me it was minus 7 at 6 yesterday morning. Real cold!

I grocery shopped big time. I have noticed that Sunday is the busiest day at Publix. I would have assumed it was either Friday when people got paid or Saturday. Neither. Sunday Publix is always packed. A zoo!

Met Sandra at the Chart Room last night. A pre-arranged hook up. Sandra is from Virginia and visiting Key West.

We chatted a while. It was time to eat. The Wine Galley. Twice in one week for me.

Sunday is Larry Smith’s big night at the Wine Galley. He showcases one performer. Last night it  was a female singer. I never got her name. I am ashamed. In any event, she was absolutely outstanding! She did a medley of Gershwin tunes.

Busy day today.

Lunch with the grandkids at I Hop. The gym with Courtney afterwards. Tonight Syracuse basketball. Playing Pittsburgh. Sandra is joining me for the game. We will be watching at the Sports Page Bar with Don and Chris.

Enjoy your day!

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