Happy Sunday!

Let’s get to it.

My friend Jim Brown from Crete, Greece, has come up with a new line. Jim is originally from Scotland. Ergo he not only speaks with an Scottish brogue, he writes with one.

Today’s Jim Brown tidbit of wisdom: “… yi cannot beat the love of a good woman.” I appreciate the line is old. It sounds better when Jim says it however.

Sports Page Bar at six last night. Syracuse/Providence game.

I was shocked when I walked inside. Place was packed. People every where. All watching football. I was the only Syracuse fan at the moment. I searched out Patrick the owner. Where am I going to watch the Syracuse game? Worry not, he said. I saved a TV screen for you. And he took me to it.

Patrick is a good man.

I was soon followed by about 15 other Syracuse fans from the Syracuse/Oneida area.

Syracuse demolished Providence. 78-55. Syracuse winning by such large numbers is becoming a habit. I await Syracuse’s first defeat. It is inevitable. No one goes undefeated any more.

Syracuse generally has two runs a game. One in the first half and one in the second half. These runs are like a tsunami.

Good friends Don and Chris from Syracuse joined me. We watched the game together. Then ran over to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner.

It was like no room at the inn. The place was packed. We fortunately found a table in the bar. Tomorrow sail boat week starts in Key West. The sailors were out partying at the Hot Tin Roof.

After dinner, I drove Don and Chris to the Casa Marina where they are staying.

On the way home, I decided to stop at Don’s Place for a drink. Glad I did. Spent a lot of time talking with Don. Also got to see David, Boomer, Kurt, Russ, Toni and PD.

Part of my time was spent watching the New England/Denver game. New England destroyed Denver 45-10. The result was surprising. All week prior to the game, the sportscasters were knocking New England quarterback Tom Brady. His year has been less than terrific. Most of the talk concerned Tom Tebow. The new kid on the block. Everyone thought Tebow and Denver would decimate Brady and New England.

It obviously did not happen. Brady had one of the outstanding games of his career. Tebow did nothing.

Today is Sunday. Most important thing I have to do is grocery shop. I have been out of food for about five days. I have already been in the back of the freezer and rear of the cupboards. When I say there’s nothing here, there is nothing. Ergo, grocery shopping will be the first thing I do.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Well I do not know who was watching the SU game from Oneida but they picked a warmer place to do it
    It was -7 when I awoke at 6:00 this morning
    Sunny and beautiful but real cold
    Best to all
    Bill Hatfield

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