How does the song go….. The weather outside is frightful…..

It is cold this morning! It was cold last night! A cold front came in late yesterday. It is supposed to leave tonight. The temperature today will not even hit 70. The high is projected at 67.

Yes, I am complaining!

My day yesterday started with a visit to the gym. Spent an hour with my trainer, Courtney Aman. I told him when I arrived how tired I had been the past few days. Courtney put me through a series of exercises to move my blood around. He must have. I felt terrific at the end of the session.

Visited with Lisa for a while. Some father/daughter chitchat.

I had no plans for last night. Just knew I had to get out. I had spent the past 2-3 evenings at home. I headed over to the Chart Room.

Syracuse’s Don and Chris were there! I had not expected to run in them. Our plan was to meet tonight for the Syracuse game and dinner afterwards. It was good to see them. We chatted for about an hour. Then they were off to dinner at L’Attidues.

I told them it was not the place to go last night. Too cold. They disagreed obviously. L’Attitudes is located on a small island off Key West and has an open air dining room. I don’t think it has an enclosed dining room. You can only get to the island by boat. It had to be cold, cold, cold.

I will be meeting up with Don and Chris just before the start of the Syracuse/Providence basketball game tonight. The game starts at six. We will be watching at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse should have no problem. They played Providence 10 days ago and won easily. You never know, however.

While we were chatting in the Chart Room, Larry Smith came in. He was on his way to work. The Wine Galley is also part of the Pier House. Larry has been the premier performer at the Wine Galley for well over 10 years. It is his room! I introduced Larry to Don and Chris.

After Don and Chris left, I remained at the bar chatting with Emily for a while. I like her.

Were to have dinner? I decided to visit the Wind Galley to listen to Larry Smith while dining. Turned out to be the right decision.

Larry was at his best! I was in the Wine Galley for well over two hours. Larry entertained the entire time. He was magic.

Michael Dennis the author was there. Michael and I are friends. Michael has been writing mystery novels  the past several years. Their loci is generally Key West. He writes well. I recommend his books for reading.

Met a new couple last night. Jack and Pat. They are vacationing in Key West. Have been here many times before. Used to live full time in Fort Lauderdale. Now somewhere in New Jersey.

Jack is a Princeton graduate. Then he went on to Temple Law School. He even obtained a Masters degree  from Temple in taxation. I was impressed. Taxation is not an easy study.

He played basketball and football while at Princeton.

Jack came into the Wine Galley in a motorized chair. Drove around the room searching for a table. The room was full. I was alone in my table. I told Larry to send them over to join me. Which he did.

Jack has Lou Gehrig’s disease. Has had it for six years. He had visible problems from the illness. Nevertheless, his personality was good and he did everything to have a good time. He had a martini. He was able to drink it without any assistance. The glass may have wobbled on the way up and was lucky to find his mouth, but he did it. He sang along with Larry.We conversed. Jack’s wife Pat  interpreted on occasion.

Pat is lovely. A terrific woman. She was at his every beck and call. Actually, Jack did not do so bad. Pat watched him to make sure he did not get into any trouble. A good woman. A loving woman. A lucky man.

I hope to run into Jack and Pat again as they will be in Key West for a while.

Sandra, you are not reading your private messages on Facebook. Please do so.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. I was wondering do you ever miss the awesome wife you had in your life that did everything for you? Now you can relate to how hard she worked all the time just to make you happy ..A man at your age should be growing old with his wife . You had a treasure for a wife a gem.

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