Love Sundays! A do nothing day.

I was anxious to watch the Republican Presidential debate. It took over Meet the Press plus an additional half hour. Nothing new was learned. They all continue to be losers. Not the best for our country. Unfortunately, one may be the next President. We deserve better.

I spent the rest of the day lying leisurely by the pool. Reading the Sunday papers and sleeping.

In the evening, it was dinner with Lisa and the family. Lisa prepared a terrific salmon meal.

Robert and Ally are pogo crazy. Ally has it down now. She did well.

After dinner, Robert played games on Corey’s I Pad. Ally read a book.

Manatees are back in the news.

Sunday’s Key West Citizen had a short news article advising boaters to be on the look out for manatees. Because of the cold front and cooler water, the manatees have been congregating near power plants. The water is warmer.

Now that the weather is warm again, the water will heat up. The manatees will be moving away from the power plants That is when manatees experience their greatest danger. From moving boats.

This week has been a manatee education. First, the one at my dock. Then Jerry’s experience of swimming with one. Now the newspaper article warning us to be watchful.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. We deserve MUCH better than the current White House occupant. FORTUNATELY, anyone of the Republican candidates are head and shoulders above Obie.

    NOW, If we could just get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, et al, and reduce spending, life would really be good, again.

  2. Just returned from Key West vacation, and we too had a manatee encounter. As our fishing boat pulled into dock, one of them swam right up to the boat (already docked, so no danger). We were able to bend down and pet him (or her). What a fabulous experience. Such gentle, peaceful creatures. A highlight of our trip!

  3. Manatee's are pretty Kewl.. They are such a gentle trusting creature.. They like fresh water and a good scratching.. I guess I'm not that familiar with their anatomy so I'm not too sure what I'm scratching, but, they like it anyway.. Its too bad that they are still considered nothing more than 'speed bumps' in some areas.. Patrick

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