A great day!


I had to get out of bed a bit early this morning for one of those many bathroom visits older men need make. Afterwards, I stepped outside on the deck adjoining my bedroom. The sun was just rising. It was half risen. A bright orange fireball.

Between the rising sun and present beauty outside, this is going to be one of those terrific God given days in Key West. Guaranteed!

Gym time yesterday! Courtney Aman training me. He increased all the weights. I could feel it. Not easy. But I did it all.

I later had a scheduled visit with my heart doctor. Dr. McIvor. Finally a good visit! The first in a year. My blood pressure is finally regulated. It was normal. My fluid problem seems to have resolved itself also

The doctor visit was at 5:30. I intended to watch the Alabama/Louisiana game from my home later in the evening. Needed to eat first. So I scooted over to Outback. Ate at the bar. Enjoyed dinner conversation with the fellow next to me. He is in charge of all the Winn-Dixie pharmacies in the State of Florida. He was down here to inspect the Key West one. We get into a discussion of drugs, costs, concern for customers, etc. A very interesting conversation with a very knowledgeable man.

The game! What a game!

Alabama completely outplayed Louisiana. One of the sports writers this morning commented that Alabama’s playing was like a Picasso painting. Preparation and execution incomparable.

Over the past couple of years, I have made a good friend via Facebook. Jim Brown. Jim lives on Crete. A Greek island.

Jim was not born on Crete. He comes from Scotland. You can sense his Scottish brogue in his Facebook comments.

I am going to repeat Jim’s comment of this morning. I reprint it exactly as said by him. Misspellings and all. Jim wrote, “…tosay I will be impersonating Captain Nemo with a hint of Jacques Cousteau.”
Jim is a Key Westerr at heart. He would fit right in.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou –

    I was told your blog about your life in key west was a dandy. I'm really glad I found it and I will be a frequent reader!

    I've read several of your daily writings and I must say, you're living the dream!!

    I remember you from utica. I heard what your son and daughter did to you. Good you're enjoying the simple things in life. They really are priceless.

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