A good Key West saturday yesterday!

The weather finally changed. In the high 70s.

I got a haircut in the morning. Saw Lori!

Visited Lisa and the grandkids after the haircut. Robert and Ally pogoing all over the living room.

The highlight of my day was the Syracuse/Marquette basketball game at four o’clock. As usual, I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse won a close one 73-66. The second half was a your heart in your throat type game

Syracuse was winning by as much as 23 points in the first half. Syracuse was ahead by 18 points at halftime. Marquette came back in the second half. With a vengeance! With about 5 minutes to go, Marquette had brought the game down to a two point lead by Syracuse. It could have gone either way. Fortunately, it went Syracuse’s way.

About 15 Syracuse fans joined me at the Sports Page Bar.
Jerry and Patty were part of the 15. They are from the Oswego, New York area. Have been coming to Key West for many years. Finally bought a home on Angela Street last year.

Jerry told us of an experience he had yesterday afternoon. He was swimming off the Truman beach portion at Fort Zachrey Taylor. He was about 30 feet offshore. He saw this large shadow beneath them. It was about 6 feet down. He went down to take a look. A brave soul! Turned out to be a manatee.

He swam around the manatee a few times. He did not wish to disturb the manatee. The manatee decided to move. The manatee came up to the surface and started swimming. Jerry went up and joined the manatee. They swam a short distance together till the manatee changed direction to open water.

What a thrilling experience!

You will recall I had a manatee off my dock last week. This is manatee season, so to speak. The manatees come down from the north to the Key West area in the winter. They seek warmer waters.

After the game, I was walking through the Pier House complex on my way to the Chart Room. Ran into Jean Thornton in the hallway. She was leaving. On her way to Michael’s for dinner. She and Joe return to their Georgia home monday. We hugged and kissed in case we did not see each other again. A nice woman. We have a mutual admiration society going.

Had a drink at the Chart Room. Chatted with JJ. No one else I knew at the bar.

Many long distance runners in the bar.

There had been a relay race that concluded yesterday afternoon in Key West. The runners ran in teams. The race had started in Miami the day before. A 155 mile run. Each paticipant ran a certain amount of miles and then rested. Another picked up the effort. Team vans following them. The runners had slept in the vans overnight the evening before.

I did talk to a woman sitting next to me. She had run in the relay. I did not get her name. I was impressed however with the fact that she and many others had participated in a 155 mile run.
Decided to spend the rest of the evening at the Pier House. I opted for dinner at the bar in theWline Galley. I knew Larry Smith would be playing.

Larry was. He was singing some Broadway tunes and some of his own. Mary Deasy was there. She sang a couple of songs.

Larry introduced me to Gerald Adams. Adams is an attorney from the Fort Lauderdale area. He specializes in men’s rights in family law field. I looked him in the eye and said that is one tough specialty! He agreed. We had a nice chat.

Don’s Place next.

Sat and chatted with Erika and Herschel while watching the Detroit/New Orleans game. We discussed our bocce loss of a couple of nights earlier and the bowling party that is scheduled for the 21st of this month. Don periodically arranges for a bowling party I. We will go out to the Naval Base at Boca Chica. They have the only bowling alley in the area. One of our group will be a retired Navy person making us eligible to use the facility. We will eat tons of wings and pizza and drink a bit. A fun afternoon!

Jimmy was sitting near me. Jimmy of Joanie and Jimmy. Love Joanei! Joanie loves me! Not as much she loves Jimmy, however.

Jimmy was complaining that I only gave the bocce matches the other night three lines in my blog the next morning. I responded to the effect that what was there to talk about after the beating we took. Nothing.

We both agreed that Joanie had played well. She was on the team that beat us. Normally, she is yelling and screaming…..bocce! Thursday she was very quiet. Maybe that is why she played so well. She concentrated on every shot.

Angus was at the bar. Angus bar tends at Schooners Wharf. Last night was his off night. Angus is a die hard Detroit fan. It was obvious.

Todd, Boomer, and others watching the Detroit/New Orleans game also.

Then my day ended. It was off to home and bed.

Enjoy your sunday!

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