I have not done any Christmas shopping yet. I will start today and be finished  tomorrow. Usually I wait to the last minute. This year I am not.

That last comment was intended to bring a smile to your face.

My day yesterday started with an early morning visit to the dentist. I am still in the process. Probably another 4 to 6 months before my implants are complete. Initially, it was to take approximately 4 months. However after we ran into the jawbone problems, time automatically became extended. January 7 will be one year since I first began.

I did a big thing yesterday. After the dentist. I went to the gym! I did not have a scheduled appointment with a trainer. I worked all alone. Brought my boxing gloves with me. Boxed for a while. It is my intention to  box  every day. We shall see.

I started at the Chart Room last night. I just wanted one drink. I had a Syracuse basketball game to watch at the Sports Page Bar. It was just JJ and one customer. The customer turned out to be named Louis also.

Syracuse basketball is big this year! Syracuse won decisively last night on. Beat Bucknell. Syracuse is ranked # 1. Bucknell not ranked. The game went as it was supposed to.

I think Syracuse plays Tulane Thursday night.
My friend Steve showed up. It looks like we will be doing most of the Syracuse games together.

No golf this morning. I think I need another week. Strange. Here I was boxing yesterday, but I do not feel I can handle 18 holes golf. I don’t know.

I noticed that the leader of North Korea who recently died decided to play golf at some point in his life. The first time out, he had 11 holes in one. I need his score keeper!

Most of today will be spent preparing for Friday’s Internet show. One of the main topics will involve the legalization of Christmas as a holiday. You will be surprised! A sneak peek at what I will be sharing with you. Christmas was barred by law in the colonies before and during the Revolutionary war.

Another sneak peek. Christmas observance was considered pagan. Would you believe!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The history of Christmas throughout the world is interesting , but, extremely interesting when it pertains to early America..

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