I am up early this morning. It is 5:30. I have a dental appointment at 8.

My two big events for yesterday were a visit to my internist doctor and a work out at the gym.

I woke with a swelling on the left side of my face. That is why visited the doctor. No problem. She said it appeared to be a blockage in my saliva duct. She prescribed I eat dill pickles and sour balls. The extreme taste of each would cause my body to create more saliva which in turn would push whatever was blocking the saliva duct out.

Dill pickles and sour balls are good if ingested separately and at separate times.. Taken together, a problem. Not like peanut butter and jelly or ham and eggs. A disruptive combination. I suffered a bit.

I still have some swelling this morning.

My gym workout was terrific. Courtney worked with me again. After lifting a few weights, we got into  boxing. This was the first time for the boxing. I have had boxing experience. I was excited.

Dengue fever has been a problem the last couple years. Prior to 2009, dengue fever had  not existed for many years. Then in 2009 after decades of being dengue free, it appeared in Key West. In 2011, there were 66 reported cases.

A detailed report concerning dengue fever appeared in yesterday’s Key West Citizen. The article was by Mark Whiteside. The article advised that 2011 had been dengue free.

There are several reasons for the absence of dengue fever in 2011. There had been a drought 2011. Mosquitoes need water to breed. New Town homes had significant spaces between them. Air conditioners seemed to be more in use.

The biggest reason for my perspective is the Mosquito Control Board that exists here. Absolutely outstanding! They Board advertises constantly to watch properties for pools of water. The Board sprays on a regular basis via helicopter. It also makes personal inspections of the outside of each home to see where water could gather and advising the homeowner to correct the problem.

A major victory! Everyone involved is to be complemented.

I have to move my butt now to get to the dentist timely.

Enjoy your day!

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