I can’t win!

Computers and TVs down since 2 this morning. Comcast does not know why. I have to wait till tomorrow morning for a service person.

Comcast’s service stinks! Comcast does not care.

Their President makes $40 million a year. There are few if any means to make a telephone call to anyone to complain. From the President down. Your only recourse is the recorded message/directions on the telephone. Whoever invented the system should have a telephone shoved up his ass!

I am at Lisa’s late this morning doing this blog. Sorry for the delay in getting it out to you.

I enjoyed yesterday. Spent the day completing and fine tuning tomorrow’s Internet show. Another good one! We live in a crazy world. I merely report and comment on what is happening.

Tomorrow’s topics include a walk back in history to December 16, 1773. The Boston Tea Party. Then Saudi royalty robbed of $3 million in cash pocket money in London, a New York financial institution buying a rare gold piece for $7.4 million, a new census report saying almost half US population poor or low income, the why regarding Sandusky’s attorney waiving the preliminary hearing, the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish in some California schools, immigration insanity proposed in New Haven of all places, a man sentenced to life in prison released because he was in jail at the time  of the incident for which he received the life sentence, Saudi woman beheaded for sorcery, a Pakistani woman has acid thrown in her face by her husband because she refused to sell two of their children, and more.

Join me. www.konkbroadcasting.com. 10 am my time. Worldwide coverage. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Last night started at the Chart Room. Emily bar tending. Gave me a kiss when I arrived and hug and kiss when I left. Captain Peter. Jean Thornton for a brief bit. John Lukas. and others.

John’s new sports page bar opens in about a week. At the old PT’s. John is all excited and tired. Hard work completing the renovation. Will not be for naught. John is a winner and his new bar will be also.

Stopped at Don’s Place next. Not many customers. Had a drink with Jimmy and Joanie. Kurt was supposed to be bar tending. He was not.

My last stop was at the Marriott Tavern ‘n Town. Ate at the bar. I was alone. Grabbed a newspaper in the lobby to read. A small pizza and a drink and I was done.

I am a poor sleeper. Sleep with the TV on so I have something to do when I wake. I woke at 2. No TV. It made for a long night.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. C'mon Louis, make the switch to DirecTV! Comcast, like Charter here, will frustrate you to no end! I had no idea their CEO made $40mil/yr…ridiculous and a prime example of what's wrong with the country.

    I'm so ready for tomorrow's show! Don't forget the Polish couple!

  2. Ditto on that on Comcast! They all are the same as far as I am concerned! No one cares~!Only about the almight dollar! in their pocket!!

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