Blue Star mothers. Gold Star mothers.

During World War II, any home that had someone in the military hung a flag in the window. The flags were about 12″ x 8″. White. A star in the center.

A blue star meant someone was in the service. A gold star meant that the person in the service had been killed in action.

Gold Star mothers were respected, revered and recognized. During the war and for years thereafter, the Gold Star Mothers, as they became known, joined together and were invited to many events. These Gold Star mothers started to speak out on current events. They felt a force within themselves. They had given the utmost to the war cause. They were entitled to speak out.

Looking back, these Gold Star mothers were the seeds of the women’s movement.

Another great lunch yesterday! Two days in a row. A lucky man am I.

Ann Hedenberg and I enjoyed a two hour lunch. At Hogfish.

Ann has been my friend since the early 1960s. For two years she was a reporter with the Utica newspapers. Then she moved on to Boston and moments of glory. I did not see again from her Utica days till about 10 years ago here in Key West. I was at an event at East Martello and lo and behold who do I see. Ann! She was married. She and her husband were retired and lived in Big Pine.

Since that time, Ann and I get together to sit and chat. It has worked out to be an every three month thing.

Ann look terrific yesterday! I have to comment thusly. In the past several months, she has not been well. Looked it. Good skin color yesterday. Her hair had a vibrancy to it. Her personality was back. God bless, Ann!

Sloan and I worked together for a while at dinner time. A talent. I was having trouble with my Amazon Kindle law blog. An exasperation! Been trying to correct it for three months. I could not resolve the problem. Jenna was up against a brick wall. Amazon themselves could not figure it out. Sloan did.

I had called Kurt earlier in the day. Thought it would be nice to have a couple of drinks with him and then dinner. He never called back till early evening. He was out playing golf. By that time I had already eaten and so there was no get together. In fact, I was in bed reading when he called.
I was correct concerning my bring back the draft comments yesterday. I received a ton of emails in short order. Most understanding of my position.

This is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. I’m going to skip one more week of golf. It has been nine weeks since I played. My energy factor has been less than what it should be. I probably could handle it today, but I am going to give it another week.

Enjoy your day!

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