Can’t believe it! The weather is absolutely outstanding! 80° yesterday.

I thought this morning’s blog would begin…..I NEED A SANTA CLAUS!

I have always made sure Santa Claus visited my home twice. Around dinner time Christmas Eve. Then again when the children were asleep. I did this with my children, my older grandchildren in Utica, and now with my two grandchildren in Key West.

My problem. Reggie, my Santa Claus the past four years, left town. The search for a new Santa Claus became a problem. I could not find one. By yesterday, I was exasperated. Then the telephone rang. It was Santa Claus. Be at Lisa’s house Christmas Eve 6 PM to chat with Robert and Ally. Problem solved.

I blamed Comcast yesterday for my problems. Both computers and TV sets were down. Turns out I was wrong.

Adam is my handyman. I gave him a call. I did not want to wait till this morning to have the Comcast repair man come by. Adam took a look. A rat had eaten through my cable.

Homes in Key West are required to have a five foot crawl space under portions of the house and outer deck. That is where wires cables, and pipes feeding the house are located. That is where my univited guest had dinner.

I had a party to attend last night between five and seven. Never made it. I was not dressed and out on the road until seven. Headed to the Chart Room instead.

It’s amazing! Sometimes the Chart Room in the empty. And then all of a sudden there are 30 people. That is the way it was last night. I enjoyed Sheila, Jean and Emily. John Lucas was there again. Next Saturday his new sports bar JDL’s Big Ten opens. At the former PT’s. Give it a try.

Jean and I sat at the bar quite a while and talked. About everything.

Then to Don’s Place. Kurt, Rob and Bebe there. Also Michelle. Michelle and I sat together and chatted.

This morning The Key West Legal Hourr. 10 AM my time. Worldwide. Watch and listen. Great topics on the front burner this morning!

This afternoon will be my third trip to the gym with a trainer. The last time was Monday. I have felt pain in my arms since then. Pain is good?

Enjoy your day!

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