A new morning! A new day!

The cold front is gone. The temperature today will be in the high 70s.

Yesterday morning was busy for me. Sloan was here. We had much work to do. She is a find!

I walked Duval for awhile. Was thirsty. Stopped at Caroline’s.

I had never been to Caroline’s before. It is the outside restaurant next door to the live python. We have everything in Key West!

I happened upon good company. A fellow sitting nearby Was a retired editor/publisher. The conversation was exciting for me. He knew what he was talking about. I am a novice in the area. Working on several books at one time which I hope to publish. The gent is a seasonal visitor to Key West. He lives on his own boat in one of the marinas. A good-sized catamaran. He showed me a picture of it.

After our talk, I continued my walk along Duval. My course took me past the Bull. There inside was my good friend Yankee Jack singing. I had to stop in and say hello.

Love Yankee Jack! Everyone loves Yankee Jack! He is hard to dislike.

Yankee stopped playing and singing for a while to chat with me. He recently finished writing a book. I recall advising you about this a few days ago. The book is entitled “Was It Something I Said.”. It is for sale on the Internet.

Yankee gave me a free copy. I insisted on paying. He refused to take any money. He even autographed the book for me.

The title of his book is appropriate. Yankee’s songs are about personal experiences. One of the first songs he wrote, and a song which evidences what I just said, is “I Can’t Get Over You Till You Get Out From Under Him.”  Yankee wrote the song at a time when his first wife had left him for another man.
When I returned home, I fine tuned today’s Internet show. Don’t miss it! It really is terrific! 10 AM my time. Worldwide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.
 I decided to stay in last night. I made a light supper and watched TV. Fell asleep early.

My World War II recollection for the day involves railroad stations.

Everything must be placed in perspective. There were no major commercial airlines during World War II. People did not fly to get from one city to another. Trains were the thing. The only thing, except for long distance buses.

Prior to World War II, most cities of size had constructed very large railroad stations. Utica’s was fantastic. Inside it had to be 3 stories  high of open space. From a heating perspective, a disaster. Air-conditioning was no problem. It had not been invented yet.

The entire building was marble. Italian marble. Gigantic round pillars running from floor to ceiling. Very impressive!

Military personnel came and went. They obviously used trains. The railroad station was always packed.

My most distinct recollection of the time were soldiers and sailors coming and going at the railroad station. The station was always standing room only. Families. Everyone crying. Embracing. Whether the soldiers and sailors were coming  home or were leaving.  It was a sad and happy time. The vision remains with me to this day. The emotions touched me.

Busy day today. The Internet show it 10. Then my businessman’s luncheon at Salutes at noon.. At two this afternoon, I have my first gym experience with my new trainer. And tonight, a party.

Enjoy your day!

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