The weather took a dramatic change overnight. It is cold! The temperature this morning is 66°. The wind is harsh. 25 mph and biting cold.

The high today will only be 71. Rather than the high 70s we have been accustomed to. I checked out the weather report. This is merely a 24-hour problem. Tomorrow will be sunny and in the high 70s once again.

I paid for Tuesday night’s sins yesterday. I felt sort of beat up. I spent the day at home. Much of it in bed.

I did spend some time completing my topic research for Friday’s Internet show. Some additional items include dumping US soldier remains in a landfill, snow cone machines to fight terrorism, China and Bill Gates, the Republican political circus, a Bernie Fine update, Erin Andrews/ESPN sports reporter sues for $10 million for videos taken of her nude in a hotel room through the keyhole, Blagojevich sentenced to 14 years, an Australian Muslim on a religious pilgrimage to Medina is arrested and sentenced to 500 lashes plus one year in jail for blasphemy, a naked bodybuilder attack, and US foreign aid to promote gay rights.

It is going to be a great program! Join me, if you can. 10 AM my time. Worldwide.

Yesterday was December 7. Pearl Harbor. I wrote a bit about World War II and its impact upon me as a young boy yesterday. I was between six and 10 years of age at the time. I advised that for a while I was going to pick one item per day that I recalled and share the recollection with you.

Moms working. Prior to World War II, mothers generally stayed home, raised the family and took care of the house. Fathers work outside the home. With the advent of World War II, the men were needed to fight. Most went into the military service. Our fighting men needed guns, planes, tanks, etc. The only part of the population left to work in the plants making these war products were the women. During the war, mothers went to work and fathers went off to war.
My dad was not accepted by the military. He had a ruptured eardrum. He was classified 4F. Ergo, he was available to work in a defense plant home side.

My dad worked evenings making guns at Savage Arms. My mother worked days at Savage Arms inspecting the guns made. My parents’ married life became a bit strange. They used to say, and it was true, that the only time they saw each other during the week was when they passed each other in the driveway. One going to work and the other returning home from work.

Working women became known on an individual basis as Rosie the Riveter. They were proud of the title.

Harry Morgan died yesterday. Ninety six years old. God bless him. May he rest in peace.

Morgan was in many movies. Most recently however you will recall his television roles. He was Sgt. Joe Friday’s partner Bill Gannon in Dragnet. He was Col. Potter in Mash.

I have met many people over the years. It amazes me when I think back and recall how many. One was Harry Morgan. We met inadvertently and only for a couple of hours.

It was 1963 or 1964. I was in New York City on police business. My evening was free. I was wandering around. Came upon what appeared to be an attractive bar/restaurant.

There was only one person in the bar. Seated alone in the corner. It was Harry Morgan. I recognized him.

I sat a couple of seats away.

He initiated a conversation. We talked for about two hours. About this and that. I found him to be a very warm and engaging person.

This is a long pants day. I have to go to the back of the closet and find a pair of khakis.

Enjoy your day!

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