Did I oversleep this morning! It is after nine as I start this blog.

My Internet show, The Key West Lou Legal Hour, went over big yesterday. Post show comments suggest the most interesting topic to have been the one involving the pervert of the week. As I so described the individual involved.

An 81-year-old man decided to go door to door in Fort Lauderdale. He carried a black bag. He portrayed himself as a doctor. He was not. He knocked on apartment doors and told the women who answered that he was a physician offering free breast examinations. Many took him up on the offer. If he was successful with the breast examination, he indicated that free internals were being provided also. Many of the ladies permitted access and allowed his fingers inside.

Finally, one of the women thought this whole scenario was strange. She called the police. Our 81-year-old friend was arrested. He was charged with sexual battery and practicing medicine without a license. He was sentenced to 13 months in jail, three years of community service and 15 years probation. If you add it all up, he will be 100 years old by the completion of his sentencing.

I reported the matter because it was different. I was shocked not so much by the 81 year old and his offer, but rather the fact that so many women believed him and permitted his intrusions upon their bodies. I also felt sorry for him. An old man driven to this sort of illicit activity.

I stopped at Lisa’s after the show. She is helping me with some of my projects. We became so involved that our work time ran through the lunch time. Ergo, I never made the businessmen’s luncheon.

First time at the gym with a new trainer yesterday! Wow!

Courtney Aman put me through my paces. My time with Courtney yesterday was the most strenuous experience I have ever had with a trainer. He was good. I was able to get up and walk out of the building on my own, so I assumed he was more than good. I have to be honest. I could not wait for the session to end. The last few minutes were difficult.

I immediately went over to Don ‘s Place. Don’s Place is next door to the gym. I needed water. I was like a man lost in the desert

Don, David and Keith were there. Puff bartending. We chatted a bit. The topic? What else? Bocci. Even though the season is ended.

Turns out the team that we almost beat in the first round of the playoffs went on to win the entire playoff. Wow! It makes the way we played even sweeter.

Last night was a surprise birthday party. At Vinos on Duval. It was Stephanie Kaple’s 30th birthday. Jean Thornton  made me promise I would not mention on the blog prior to the party that the party was for Stephanie. It was to be a surprise. I was a good boy and did not.

The party was terrific! Many many people. Among them dear Jean Thornton, Frankie, Pat, Gail, and David. I have noticed that whenever Stephanie is involved in a party, large number of young ladies show up.All beautiful. She has a significant female following. In addition to her personality, it has to do with her stiletto club.

I really like Vinos. I am embarassed that I do not go there more often. The owners Clayton and Valerie are dear friends. I admire what they have accomplished with the place. It is a winner.

The primary reason I do not go is that it is a wine bar. Only serves wine and beer. I drink neither. I am strictly a gin person. I dislike sitting in a place where everyone else is drinking and I am not. Since I opt not to switch, I stay away from Vinos. A shame.

Tonight is a big evening in Key West! The Christmas boat parade!

Every year 50 to 70 boats decorate themselves up like Christmas trees and go out on the water. Big and small boats alike. All kinds of decorations. Even a Hanukkah bow. Many Santa Clauses.

I have done the parade three times. I’ve actually been out on a decorated boat each time. The entire evening takes about four hours. It gets cold out on the water. Even gin is not enough to warm a person. I have opted not to do the boat routine tonight.

If I do anything at all, it will probably be to watch the boat parade from the Hot Tin Roof. The Hot Tin Roof is on the second floor of the Ocean Key House and  has a tremendous view of the bay.
Syracuse plays basketball tonight. George Washington. I am irritated to discover that the game will not be televised. Not a big time game. The game will be shown via YouTube on the Internet. I do not enjoy watching a basketball game on my computer screen. So no Syracuse basketball for me tonight.

The topic for today involving World War II was to be buses. I am talking about ordinary buses that people take to get from one place to another. However, this blog is too long already. No World War II bus story this morning. Tomorrow! You will find the World War II bus experience most interesting!

Enjoy your day!

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