Big night last night!

Santa Claus and bocce!

Both equally important.

Let’s start with bocce. I am still excited. It is several hours since the last game and the sensation of victory has not left me.

I got to bocce late because of the children’s Christmas party at the Yacht Clubl. The team was already playing its second game. We had won the first game. We ultimately lost the second.

The third game took on an aura of extreme importance. Not for the victory alone, but also because making the play offs depended on it.. The team we were playing and our team were basically in the same position. Whoever won two out of three games last night, would be in the play offs. For the other team, it was good bye. The end of the season.
The final game was fantastic! We were getting killed! We were down 13-6. We won 16-13. Wild!

The play offs are Saturday. We play the # 2 team from the Monday night league at three in the afternoon.
As a result of last night’s victories, we ended up solidly alone in third place in the  Thursday night league. Not bad for a team that two seasons ago finished the season in last place.

Santa Claus was terrific! As usual! Robert and Allie were excited and delighted! Everyone dressed. Adults as well as children. The start of Christmas time.

My good friend Howard Livingston  was there with his wife Cindy and their family. Howard and I have been friends since before he became the public Howard Livingston. We go back many years. I had not seen him in some time. We enjoyed each other’s company for quite a while last night.
A humble man, Howard is deserving of the success he is experiencing.
Lunch yesterday was at Harpoon Harry’s. I grabbed the newspapers and sat alone at the end of the counter. Enjoyed a Reuben. I know, not healthy. But it was good! Spent a couple of hours reading.

Afterwards, took a walk along the pier and boardwalk.

I continue to be impressed by the number of people in Key West. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is generally a dead spot for tourism. This year it is not.

Last night at the Yacht Club, I spoke with the owner a prominent Key West restaurant. She told me this was the best year they have had since 2007. 2007 was their best year previously. Things appear to be on the upswing. An indication the economy is improving. Except other than this tourism upswing, I do not see it. Nor do many other people.

This morning my Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am Key West time.

Join me! Great show!

Topics range from pedophilia to the Catholic Church, to Newt Gingrich, to lottery winners, to foods to beware of, to China and universal health care, to Key West and bicycle statistics, to Occupy Wall Street, to drug ingestion and bowel movements.

I cover it all!

Tonight, Syracuse basketball! Still love Syracuse! I bleed orange for what is happening.

Putting that all aside, # 3 Syracuse plays # 9 Florida. It will be a real test for both teams. I will probably watch the game at the Sports Page Bar.

Enjoy your day!

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