Yesterday’s Key West Citizen had a front page article concerning Key West and bicyclists. In a study that ran from 2004 to 2009, Key West ranked first for bicycle fatalities and serious injuries.

I was not surprised.

The biggest danger to a driver of a car in Key West are bicyclists. Especially the tourists. They think they own the roads. They will ride 2 or 3 abreast blocking the whole driving lane. Rarely do they stop for stop signs or lights. Just come speeding through an intersection.Some streets have marked bike paths. They are rarely used.

Many locals have bicycles. If one lives anywhere on the island, a car is not needed. These people can live without the expense of a car payment, insurance and gasoline. The locals generally obey the law and are considerate of vehicle drivers.

Last year the Police Department issued an edict that bicycles were covered under the same laws as a motor vehicle and that the police were going to make a special effort to corral wrongdoers. It did little good.

A sad statistic for Key West. But, understandable.

I had a leisurely lunch yesterday At the Yacht Club. Had been a while since I did so. Good food and good company.

Ran some errands. Liked the drug store and bank.

Last night, I went out with my neighbor Andrew. Andrew lives across the water from me. His claim to popular fame is that Andrew owns the MTV house. Several years ago, MTV rented it from him and did their shows from the house.

Andrew’s wife and baby are in Switzerland visiting grandma. Andrew alone. He called and said lets go out.

We hit the Chart Room first. There was Sheila. Gave her a kiss. JJ bartending. He told me the impact of my story about Woody Cornell several days ago. Woody and Joan received it well.

I am embarrassed. A woman came up to me. Someone I had met before. From out of town. She and/or her husband write books and articles. Did an article on the Chart Room. One of the books was about the Seminole Indians.

I scribbled a lot of notes down on a drink coaster as we chatted. Even her email address. I was on my first drink. But…..I cannot decipher any of my notes. I took the email address down wrong. No such address. Tried a google search, but did not have sufficient information.

I apologize. Please get back to me so I can rectify the situation. You are interesting people and I would like to share you with my world.

Then it was to La Trattoria for dinner. Kathy still not working. Initially, she had some heavy surgery in Miami. Emergency surgery. Then home to recover. Pain again. Back to the hospital. Another surgery because of something to do with the stitches. She is still home.

Get better my dear friend. I miss you! And so do many other of your friends and customers. There was a stranger behind the bar last night. Made me uncomfortable!

Andrew and I had an interesting evening. Talked much. I even offered to baby sit for him. His newest son is 16 months old. I said I have a bit of experience. Take the good wife out to dinner. You two have must go stir crazy on occasion. He said they would be happy to settle for a movie. And I promised to not even charge!

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. I just called Don to tell him I would not be playing. I fear I will get tired too soon and have to quit after nine holes as happened last week.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, just wondering if Michael bartends at the Chart Room anymore as you haven't mentioned him for some time? He had tons of great stories, told him I wanted to co-author a book with him someday.

    Go celebrate the official end to hurricane season today and pray for no renegade storms!

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