The cold front has arrived.

Dark and overcast. Gray/black clouds. Winds 20 mph. Temperature 71 degrees.

I worked most of yesterday morning. Writing and revising.

Then walked. Did the hotels on the Atlantic side of the island. Surprisingly, there were many tourists for this time of year. The temperature was in the high 70s and many people were around the pools. I put my walking time to good use. As many bird watch, I lady watched.

Then to the Coffee House to skim through the Key West Citizen and parts of the New York Times. People coming in and out. Coffee traffic fairly high. Another indication that there were a good number of tourists in town.

Stopped at Lisa’s. Visited with her for a while.

Cyber sales have become the vogue. It was reported that 30 per cent of Black Friday’s sales were over the internet. Yesterday was Cyber Monday. A first. I have not seen the numbers on yesterday yet.

Lisa tells me her business was up over the weekend. Lisa owns and operates an internet department store. Via Key West. Offers Key West type goods. Many of the items shown make great Christmas gifts. Take a look at Lisa’s store and see if there is anything you might want to purchase for some one.

Yankee Jack never ceases to amaze me! A hulk of a man. 400 pounds plus. Grayish black beard. Amongst his many talents, he writes songs. He has written many. There are several Cd’s out there of his works. He also sings for the tourists from 1-5 at the Bull on Duval.

Let the drums roar! Yankee has now written a book! Title: Was It something I Sang. It is the story behind each song Yankee has published. His motivation for writing the song. They are Yankee’s life experiences. Some funny, some serious.

Yankee’s book is available at

Around 5, I worked with Sloan a while. Sloan helps me with the various things I do. A good woman. She is a bank teller by day and deals with my problems by night. She has been a huge help.

One of the things I am working on is Dragon. In about two weeks, I no longer will be be typing this blog. Or anything else for that matter. I will be dictating to the computer. I will speak, the computer will recognize my voice, and print. I am all excited. Can’t wait. I hate typing. My fingers do not always go where they should. Plus, Dragon will help me to increase my output by three fold.

I could find no one to have dinner with me. How does the saying go…..all alone by the telephone. I hopped in the car and made the short drive to Hogfish. Not very crowded. Picked up several local weekly papers. Read and enjoyed a piece of hogfish.

Today is significant for music lovers. Especially Beatle fans. This day in 1963 the Beatles released the record “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in Great Britain.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou, you need a bike. Mix a Smathers Beach bike ride with the Duval walks and you'd be all exercised up! Hook up a bike rack to that beetle and you'll be set.

    Go see my friends at Eaton Bikes, they'll set you up just fine!

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