This Bernie Fine thing at Syracuse University is like a volcano that has been sleeping. Once it wakes, it keeps erupting.

I wrote a very defensive blog last week concerning this situation. No way could Bernie Fine do anything like these two men where charging. It did not fit the man. Well…..sometimes things are not as they appear. The old saying that you cannot tell a book by its cover may apply.

A third young man has come out over the weekend with charges. There is also tape recorded a telephone conversation one of the step brothers had with Fine’s wife back in 2002 or 2003. I listened to it two times. It is out there on the internet. Fine’s wife buries her husband in that conversation.

Bernie Fine was fired last night. Sad for Fine, sad for his family, sad for Syracuse University. And most sad for the boys involved.

Tom and Cindy from Cedar Rapids, Iowa emailed me this morning. They know what a die hard Syracuse fan I am. They wrote to remind me that on this day in 1961 Ernie Davis won the Heisman trophy.

Davis never got to play pro ball. He died two years later of leukemia.

During his sick time, Davis wrote a piece for the Saturday Evening Post. I quote from it. “Some people say I am unlucky…But when I look back I can’t call myself unlucky. My 23rd birthday was December 14. In these years I have had more than most people get in a lifetime.”

Two months later Ernie Davis died.

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon at Don’s Place. Outside. Never went in. Not many people outside. It was Don, David, Keith, Tino and me. Angus for a few minutes.

Then to Lisa’s for dinner later in the day.

I read the Sunday papers, dozed a bit and listened to the grandchildren.

Robert and Ally were all excited. Their Dad had bought them a kite. They flew it for the first time yesterday. At the far end of Smathers Beach where the wind always blows. The kite flew high and well. Robert and Ally got to operate the kite.

It made me recall when my children were that small. I bought a kite also. We went to the top of a hill. The wind was blowing. The kite was high. My children thought it was the greatest thing ever!

Today a huge community college sits where we flew the kite.

Dinner was outstanding!

Lisa had a whole half turkey left from Thanksgiving. We had a turkey meal again. With all the trimmings. Desert was a freshly baked apple pie. I had two pieces.

A great meal! I went home bloated once again.

A cold front is coming in. Either tonight or tomorrow. The temperature will drop 10 degrees. It will be low to mid 70s by day. Low to mid 60s in the evening. The cold front will last till Friday.

Christmas is upon us. It seems to have snuck up. This is a big Christmas week for Robert and Ally and all of us. Thursday, Santa Claus will be at the Yacht Club. We will be there. Saturday is the Key West Christmas parade. The finest parade of the year. We will be there also.

Both good anchors for a busy week overall.

Enjoy your day!

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