I slept late. Very late. Like nine in the morning. Unusual for me.

Looks like a great Sunday! The outstanding weather continues. Lucky we are.

I received an email yesterday afternoon from Cat Woman. Want to go to the movies tonight? Tropic Cinema. There is a foreign film I would like to see. We can grab a bite afterwards.

I do not like foreign films. I am not particularly crazy about the Tropic Cinema. However, I am a man who sacrifices. Ho ho.

The film had subtitles. Another thing I am not fond of. The movie was about six women living on the sixth floor of a building.

The movie was funny. Very funny! I must admit, I enjoyed it tremendously!

Cat Woman enjoyed it also. She sipped her double  wine during the movie. Tropic Cinema sells wine and beer for consumption during a movie. They do not sell liquor. I had no gin to consume.

The movie and the company made up for the lack of spirits, however.

After the movie, we walked over to Kelley’s. Sat at the outside bar. I now could have a gin. She another wine. We ordered a couple of appetizers. And enjoyed!

After Kelley’s, I dropped Cat Woman off at her home.

Decided to stop in Don’s Place. A lot of people. Few I knew. Russ and Robert. Kurt normally would be bar tending But he was away on vacation. I said my hellos and left for home and bed.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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