Yesterday felt like Saturday.

I was up early. Walked. Duval from one end to the other and back. Very few people. Too early. The sun was up. The air was crisp.

Spent the day researching and writing. Till about 4 when I got ready to go out.

My first stop was the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse was playing Stanford.

I was the only Syracuse fan. No Stanford fans either. Quite different from during the season when 20-30 Syracuse fans join me.

Syracuse did not look good till the end of the game. Stanford played the Orange hard. Stanford was always ahead 3-4 points. At one time, 7 points.

I had that uneasy feeling in my stomach.

Then with about 2 minutes to go, Syracuse started playing like they should have the whole game. With INTENSITY. That’s the word. It fits. Syracuse played sluggish till the end when it was becoming apparent that Syracuse was going to lose. The Syracuse players realized what was happening. And decided not to let it happen. They were great on offense and defense and ended up winning by 7 or 8 points.

The lesson to be learned: Syracuse must play the whole 40 minute game with intensity. Otherwise, #1 and/or top 10 will slip away.

The game was over. It was only seven o’clock. I headed over to the Chart Room..

A good crowd.

Captain Peter at the bar. Chatting with Sheila and Emily.

Peter told me he had new eyes. He had cataract surgery two weeks ago and implants put in. Both eyes. He was amazed how well he could see. The color green was most obvious to him. Everything green was a bright green.

I told Peter I knew. I had the same procedures done 20 years ago. I could remember how excited I was at the time.

Jean Thornton came in. She had just returned from her home in Alabama. Her first stop was the Chart Room. Beautiful as always. A charming woman. She brings cheer whenever she walks into a room.

We all talked a bit. There was a group from Westport, Massachusetts and Rochester, New York. They joined in the conversation.

I enjoyed. When I had my fill of good people, I left. Straight home. It was not yet nine o’clock.

While I was researching and googling yesterday afternoon, I came across an article which appeared in the Kansas City Star on 11/23/11. The article had to do with water levels. The thrust was that water levels in Florida had risen over the years. It was suggested global warming was the cause. It further warned that as the ice masses way up north melt, such will increase water levels even more.

Let’s put this whole scenario in perspective.

The story stated that the water levels in Miami had risen 7 inches since 1935. The water levels in Key West 8 inches since 1920.

The article explained that global warming causes the ocean to heat. The water expands as it warms.

The result is that storm sewers spew water into the streets, rowboats navigate the streets following a storm, and water overflows onto thresholds of homes.

Sound familiar?

Enjoy your day!

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