A great Thanksgiving yesterday!

Dinner was scheduled at one. Lisa likes to eat early. I wanted to watch part of the Macy parade with the grandkids. I was too late. The parade was over. Read the newspapers instead.

Everything smelled good! It was Lisa’s kitchen. No one could enter.

The following statement is correct one hundred per cent. Lisa cooked the best Thanksgiving meal ever yesterday! The turkey was moist and delicious. Stuffing to blow your mind! Lisa made the stuffing from scratch using whole wheat bread. Potatoes smoother than normal. Etc. Topped off with pumpkin pie!

And…..all of the above was done and came out warm at one o’c lock. A feat!

Congratulations, Lisa! Thank you for a wonderful meal and day!

After dinner, I watched the football game. Dozed off, of course. I overate everything, except for the pumpkin pie.

When I woke, Lisa and Corey were trying to decide whether to go to the beach or to a movie. Neither turned me on. I went home. To sleep again.

Lisa sent me home with left over turkey and stuffing. I made myself a turkey sandwich with mayonnaise at 7.

I lost 2 pounds yesterday! No question about it! Must be eating the big meal early.

Back in my high school days, I had a friend at another high school in town. Long ago. My recollection is a bit dimmed. I believe his name was John Wrape. John became a Catholic priest. He apparently was smart. He ended up in Rome working at the Vatican.

John was a bit heavy in high school. WhenIi saw him about ten years later, he was a priest and was back in Utica visitng.

John was then! I asked him how. He said it is the way the Italian people eat. The big meal is at lunch. Only a sandwich in the evening.

The reason I lost two pounds after destroying myself at dinner at one yesterday.

Which brings another experience to mind. Twenty five years ago, I took my family and parents to Italy for a month. We rented a villa on the Mediterranean south of Rome. I commented then and recall today…..I never saw an overweight Italian!

Hope to have more fun than usual this weekend. It feels like and is for most the second day of a four day vaction.

Enjoy your today!

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