Happy Thanksgiving!

I like today. A family and friends day. People get together, eat a bit too much and enjoy each other. May every one be with some one this day to share the occasion.

I am reminded of my youth. A long time ago. Like in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Thanksgiving was always celebrated at my grandparents’ home. Actually an apartment. Two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen was huge. The biggest room. There must have been a reason for it. I suspect it was so because in those days a family lived in the kitchen. My grandparents raised six children in that tiny apartment.

We did Thanksgiving at my grandparents’. How all of us fitted into the kitchen, I still am not sure. The table opened up and was huge. Maybe that was it.

I only remember having turkey once. My grandmother cooked capons. Capons are chickens whose testicles were removed. How horrible! This made the chicken meatier and tastier. I always thought I was being cheated by not having turkey. My grandmother was correct, however. The capon meat was superior to turkey.

Golf yesterday! My first time in six weeks. I played like it was the first time in six years. Horrible! Even whiffed three times. Don and Larry were generous with the strokes and wanted to increase them as we played.

It was hot on the golf course. The breeze I have been talking about for days was no where to be found.

I watched Syracuse basketball for the first time this season last night. From the comfort of my bed. Syracuse beat Virginia Tech 69-58.

It was all Virginia Tech in the first half. They led at half time 29-27. Virgina Tech could do no wrong. Their man to man defense had the Syracuse offense off. VirginiaTech’s offense was right on. They were sinking baskets from all over. Syracuse’s fabled zone defense had crinks in it. Virginia Tech was able to get the ball into the middle.

After about 7 minutes in the second half, Syracuse went ahead by 2. At that moment, Virginia tech seemed to collapse. They lost what ever they had in the first half. No composure. Syracuse went on a 17-3 run. It appeared to crush Virginia Tech mentally.

Syracuse is a talented team. Boeheim has a bench. A rarity. However, Syracuse must play as they did in the second half the whole game if they wish to remain at the top.

My feeling is Syracuse will.

Enjoy your day!

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