Another great morning! Another great Key West day in the making!

Yesterday’s weather was the same. Except around 5 in the afternoon. It poured! Big time! For about a half hour. I had intended to go out last night. I never did. Island Shoe Girl Stephanie Kaple was a celebrity bartender at a charity fundraiser at the Bottle Cap. Sorry I did not make it, Stephanie.

My internet show yesterday morning was outstanding! Excuse the modesty. But… was! If you have not seen it yet, try some friday morning.

I was buried in post show comments regarding Penn State and Paterno. And some involving Syracuse’s Bernie Fine. Syracuse and Bernie fine were not on the agenda for the show. After the blog went out, I started receiving e mails and telephone calls which brought the situation to my attention. I worked it into the show.

I am a Syracuse graduate. A die hard fan/alumnus. Bleed Orange.

I am acquainted with Bernie Fine. His last name says it all. A finer person cannot be found.

I got to know Bernie initially because I acquired 8 basketball seats immediately behind the Syracuse bench. Got the seats when the Carrier Dome opened around 1980. Those same seats have been kept over the years by me and now my family. No one gives up their Syracuse basketball seats!

My grandchildren grew up in the Syracuse atmosphere. That included attending the basketball games on occasion. They started as toddlers. They crawled around the aisle between my seats and the team. They also crawled in my air box at the Dome.

Bernie has at least two daughters. They were always at the basketball games. As little girls, they were running around while at the games with their father. They generally sat near Bernie on the Dome floor. I saw Bernie’s girls grow up at the games.

I went to many Syracuse related events over the years which Bernie also attended. We chatted on occasion.

I know Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim well. A person of character. He says the charges levied against Fine are “…patently false.” I believe him. And I believe what my eyes showed me over the years.

The two alleged victims are now adults. Thirty nine and 45. They have come forward many years after the alleged events. They are also stepbrothers.

There are numerous investigations ongoing. The truth will out. If Bernie is guilty, he will pay with jail time and humiliation. If determined innocenl, he will carry the scars of the accusations for a life time.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, I am so sorry I missed seeing you when I was in Key West for our parrothead convention. Shiela introduced us when I was on the island over Labor Day weekend, and I greatly enjoyed our conversation. I also have been enjoying your blog; just finished catching up with all you wrote while I was travelling. I'm very happy you're including photos! I hope we meet again on some future visit to the Chart Room. Best wishes, GW

  2. Always something new as a result of inter-breeding. I heard of black women, white women and even yellow women. How did a green woman come into being?

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