Sunday morning. I slept late. A comforting thing to do on occasion.

I had a date last night! For real. A blind date.

I have had several blind dates this past year. I swore them off. They were all difficult. I said, no more!

I gave it a shot again last night, however. Glad I did. Had a terrific time!

The lady is a strange duck in one regard. There may be more, but I am not aware of them as yet. She considers herself a private person. She does not want to be named in the blog. Prefers anonymity.

What to do? How can I share what turned out to be one of my better Key West evenings unless the lady has a name.

I came up with a solution which she agreed to.

A little background is required.

The lady is a snowbird. This is her second season in Key West. She formerly used to do Palm Springs. However after a brief visit three years ago, she decided Key West was more to her liking. She considers herself a Key West type.

She is.

Home for the lady is the Jersey shore. A good place to be from.

She appears to have a kind heart. She takes in stray cats and dogs. Besides homeless, they are generally sick or hurt. She brings them back to good health and keeps them.

The lady presently has 13 cats and 1 dog living with her in New Jersey. She brought 4 of the cats with her to Key West. The others are with her children up north.

The preceding sets the ground work so you will understand why I came up with the name for her that I did.

Cat Lady!

Cat Lady is ok with her.

Cat Lady and I did the Chart Room together. Few people. A dead time in Key West.

Dinner later was at the Hot Tin Roof. Very few patrons there also. It was John’s last night as restaurant manager. In mid December, he is opening a sports page bar at the old Pt’s on Caroline. John formerly owned and ran three sports bars in Minnesota. I am confident his new place will be a huge success

After dinner, we went over to the Wine Galley. Cat Lady had never been there. Larry Smith was playing and singing. Occasionally Mary Deasy joined in.

Cat Lady and I talked long into the night.

After I dropped her off, I headed over to Dons Place for a drink. Thought Kurt might be working. He was not. He is on vacation some where up north. Don and Russ were at the bar. Chatted with both for a while and then headed home.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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