Today is Friday! This is friday morning! Which means The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

Join me and my world wide friends at 10 this morning my time for another exciting show. The world is crazy and provides me with interesting topics every week.

In addition to Penn State/Paterno, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich and topics I touched on yesterday, there will be a discussion concerning the Occupiers and police and Russia’s treatment of gays

My day started yesterday with another dental visit. I should own stock in my dentist’s business!

A nothing visit. Just to remove stitches from last week’s activity. My next appointment is a month from now and then three consecutive months to see how things are going. The dentist will be checking the two implant posts and additional cadaver bone put into my jaw last week. In the fifth month, assuming everything goes well, I shall be fiinished. Hopefully.

Bocce last night.

There were only two weeks left in the season. Last night and the thursday after Thanksgiving. The top four teams at the end of the season make the playoffs. My team and two others are basically tied for fourth. Ironically the other two teams are our scheduled opponents these last two weeks.

It is for all the marbles!

The first game was tight. Each team played extremely well. I was impressed how good we played.

We lost 16-14.

I left at the start of the second game. I was not feeling well. I do not know what happened thereafter and it is too early to call anyone. I will learn today and you will learn tomorrow.

Again, join me at at 10 am. The material to be shared is exciting and interesting. Shocking in some respects.

Enjoy your day.

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