Good morning world!

I am energized this morning.

Started yesterday with two doctor visits and one dentist visit. I scheduled them all together in a 3 hour span. I was sick of running to doctors almost every day. My new approach is…..let’s do it and get it over with!

I saw my internist Dr. Lefferts first. She was happy with me. I do not have to see her for 2 months. We have been seeing each other almost weekly for months.

Then my heart physician, Dr. McIvor. He was happy with me also. Blood pressure 110/78. Ankles no longer swollen. Nausea gone. I had been on a frequent visit regime with Dr. McIvor also. He said…..see me in 2 months!

Finally! My life is mine once again. Except for the dentist.

I visited my dentist Dr. Lindner last. He wanted to check my stitches. Stitches good. He will remove them thursday. Of course, it is almost impossible to eat . My gums are still swollen.

This implant thing is going to take another 4-5 months.

I spent the afternoon doing what I seem to enjoy most lately. Writing. I did my legal column for this week’s Konk Life. It will be published thursday. The column deals with new regulations that require graphic pics on cigarette packages which must exhibit the unhealthy results of smoking.

First stop last night the Chart Room. A good crowd. No one I knew. Tourists.

I met an interesting couple at the bar. Who also have interesting occupations. They make flavored feed for cows.

Peter and Pauline Naylor are from Manchester, England. The company they own is called Inroads International. They spend six months a year in Dubuque, Iowa and the other six in Manchester. They also have a condo in Fort Myers. They were visiting Key West for a couple of days.

I could not help but think that the flavored cow feed business must be good. Homes in Manchester, Dubuque and Fort Myers.

Nice people. They intend to return to Key West.

My next stop was the Wine Galley. Monday is jazz night. I was there early. Larry was playing the piano and singing. His charming wife Christine was singing, also.

There were only three tables occupied when I arrived. By the time I left, most were filled. It was a strange night. I knew someone at each table. A rarity.

I sat at the bar. Decided to have dinner there also. Pier House food is always good. It was a lobster bisque and a piece of snapper. I handled the soup easily. The fish was a problem, but I got through it.

Several young ladies had come in and sat next to me. Lovelies. Late 20s, early 30s. I got to talk with the one seated directly next to me. Susan Varriale. A New Jersey school teacher. She wants to move on and become an ultra sound technician. Much more money, she says.

Susan’s home town is Point Pleasant. Once I heard that name, I was off and running. When my children were young, my brother in law lived in some town near Point Pleasant. Point Pleasant being on the ocean. My family and I would visit my brother in law for two weeks every summer. He had a huge home. It was a free vacation. Most days we went to Point Pleasant.

You have not lived till you have visited a Jersey beach. They are the best in the world. Point Pleasant was one of those beaches. We had to pay to use the beach. We were given little clothe tags to wear to identify us. The sun was good. The kids were terrific. The hot dogs and hamburgers delicious.

I appreciate this blog is a bit longer than usual. But so many good things happened last night and this morning. Bear with me as I continue and share a few more items with you.

As I drove home, I noticed the moon. A 3/4 one. Big and bright.

The weather is such that air conditioning is no longer required. I slept with the glass sliding doors to my bedroom open. As I turned off the light and crawled into bed, what did I see? Not Santa Claus and eight shinny reindeer. The moon again! I thought God is good .

This morning had another goodie.

This must be dolphin week. I heard a splash. Turned around and looked out on to the water. There were two dolphins doing their thing. Leaping and diving, leaping and diving.

The dolphins are out and about generally in early morning.

I have seen dolphins off my deck for the 14 years I have owned this home. It occurred to me that the viewings go in spurts. A lot of dolphins for several months. Then none for a long period.

I concluded it must have to do with the time change. The dolphins are not aware of it. They have no clock to change. They are up at the same time. But I at a differnet time.

My conclusion may be wrong. That is how I see it, however.

Lastly, Gary and Tecia…..where are you? I know you are in Key West. I want to hook up with you for drinks and dinner..

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You mean that you did not watch the Syracuse-Manhattan basketball game in the Dome last night (on ESPN-U) ??? The Orange beat the Jaspers 92-56!

    Double shame since you are an Alumnus of both schools!

    You have an opportunity to reclaim your Alumnus In Good Standing status tonight when SU plays Albany at 7 PM on ESPN – 3 (that's the internet live streaming).

  2. Great Tuesday blog! I live in New Jersey and regardless of everything bad that can be said about the State, the beaches are the jewel in the crown!! Most people have their impression of Jersey from driving through on the turnpike. Ugh!!! They don't see the shore, pine forests of the south, farmlands, and horse country and rolling hills of the northwest part of the state. We always stay at the Pierhouse when we visit KW and yes the food is Always good. Have a great day.

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